They say that time sure flies when you are having fun.  Sadly, I wish that I could say my little two week hiatus from here was “fun”.  There are parts of it that were fun, but most of it was not.  I’ve decided that I’m going to write a post on it later on after I inform my family of all of the going-on’s and show my now ex-roommates true colors.

BUT, until then, I’m going to keep my mind in a happy place.

I struggled to come up with a topic to write about.

So I sat down and started to think of something to write about.  Thanks to Shane, it came to me.

We were sitting down one night not too long ago and he said “Do you ever really sit down and think about WHY you love someone?  I mean, while I’m in the truck and I’m in-between stops, I think about why I love you all the time.  But when I try to tell you, all that comes out is ‘I love you.’”  Truth; yeah I do but I have a hard time formulating thoughts into words unless it’s expressed through writing.  In my head, I can rattle off over a million reasons why I love that man, but when it comes to sitting down and verbally expressing it, I clam up and can barely muster a phrase.

Since I know he reads my blogs regularly, here you go, babe. My list for you! (And for others to read in case you need some outsider insight as to why you should love your significant others)

He is strong.  I’m not talking just physically.  The last two weeks, he has been my rock.  He is so mentally and emotionally strong.  He kept me in check while I was trying to sort out and piece together what was all going on.  While my mind was going 100 MPH, he would sit there and just listen to me rant until I couldn’t rant anymore.  As things started to fall into place, even though they were awful circumstances, he supported me and listened to me as I connected all of the dots from start to finish.

He is supportive.  He has always told me to do what will make me happy.  As long as I’m doing what makes me happy, he is going to stand beside me in all that I do.

He remains calm.  This goes hand in had with the strong paragraph.  Some of the things that we found out should have been strong enough to push either one of us over the edge and cause us to snap.  Surprisingly, he took the news very well and didn’t let it show too much.  I could tell he was aggravated and had adrenalin running through his body, but never once did it come out in his words or in his actions.

He’s kind.  He would give literally anyone (minus about 3 people in the world) the shirt off of his back.  He is always looking out for the well being of others and putting them before himself.

He is patient.  I suppose having two children 15 months apart would help with that but there have been numerous times where I feel he should have been so irritated with me but he wasn’t.  He takes most everything with stride.  There have been fairly few times where I have seen his patience get tried but it takes a good long while for that to happen.  I guess that’s a good thing since I have a nasty habit of pressing buttons when I don’t mean to.

He is brave.  He faces any and all situations head on.  Not in just his personal life, but his professional lives.  I say ‘lives’ because he has two sides to his career.  He is a Route Salesman for Pepsi and is active in the National Guard.  He has been through so much in his life, I can’t imagine him to be anything short of brave.

He is courteous.  The first time he met my parents, he shook my dads hand – still does to this day.  The amount of respect he shows people is commendable.

He lets me be me.  There are days where I just want to be loud, obnoxious, blunt, and just odd while there are other days where I just want to sit on the couch reading a book and listening to music.  Neither side of me bothers him.  We were just talking yesterday about how I’ve started to let the “girly” side of me out around him more often than when we first started dating.  I’ll admit it, I’m stubborn; but I’m learning that accepting help or letting him do things for me isn’t a sign of weakness.  It’s no longer a competition to see who can get what chores done first.

He is thoughtful.  When we first started dating, he was always doing little thoughtful things; picking flowers, sending cute messages, leaving me letters when he could.  I wasn’t used to things like that but they made me feel loved.  Even though I’m not in Marshall anymore so he doesn’t get to surprise me that way, he does it other ways.  He does the dishes, the laundry, washes the vehicles, cleans the vehicles, eats my cooking/baking, rubs my feet, and deals with my/our hyper dog that will never grow out of his puppy stage.

There are so many more reasons, but I’ll get to the last one which is my biggest one.

He chose me.  Out of all the women that he could have chosen from, he picked me.  He picked the broken down, wore down, shattered, nothing special me.  The girl at the gas station.  The girl who, in the past, had let down her family, her friends and her co-workers.  The girl who, 10 minutes before he first walked into her life, was sitting in a secluded office wiping the tears from her face because she realized how pathetic her life had gotten.

Our relationship has been nothing short of amazing.  He’s been such a blessing in my life.  He has shown me that I really am worth every ounce of love, respect, honor, and adoration that he gives me.

Sometime when I get all of the nifty things figured out on this site, I will upload a video for you guys that I made to show a part of our story.  The way that we fell together is definitely God’s work and nothing short of a miracle.

Until then, enjoy this picture of us 😀

Halloween 2014. :)
Halloween 2014. 🙂

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