This was about 8-9 weeks after they initially appeared on my legs.  Not only was there/is bruising,  my legs and feet are so swollen that I can't wear socks and I had to unlace and re-lace my shoes so they fit comfortably.
This was about 8-9 weeks after they initially appeared on my legs. Not only was there/is bruising, my legs and feet are so swollen that I can’t wear socks and I had to unlace and re-lace my shoes so they fit comfortably.

It isn’t very often that I get sick.  Sure, I get the common cold from time to time and seasonal allergies that seem to hang around all year, but as far as an illness sending me to the doctor or getting put on medicine is very rare.  However, a couple of months back, I ended up getting nailed with mono, strep throat and double ear infection.  I’m sure if I would have went to the doctor sooner, I would have managed to get away with just strep throat or ear infections but I’m stubborn and hate spending the money.

I was so miserable that I couldn’t sit, stand, lay down, eat, sleep, or anything else.  I couldn’t seem to ever get comfortable no matter how hard I tried.  I was wore out from not being able to sleep that I needed to find relief somehow, no matter how I got it.  I went to the doctor and he prescribed me some antibiotics.  After my appointment, I trucked on down to my local Wal-Mart and along with my antibiotics, purchased some NyQuil.

Normally, I only take half of the recommended dosage because NyQuil knocks me out.  I mean, sleep through 9 alarms, 7 phone calls and 3 natural disasters knocks me out.  However, since I felt like I hadn’t gotten sleep in the previous weeks with battling the illnesses, I took the full dose.  The first couple of nights, I could tell that I was sleeping hard, I would wake up in a fog and stumble through my day.

A few mornings after I started using NyQuil to help me sleep, I woke up with numerous tender spots on my legs.  To me, they looked like spider bites but my legs were covered in them so I knew they weren’t bites.  I sent a picture to my mom and asked her opinion on them.  After a day or so, the spots turned into black/blue/green/purple bruises.  They hurt so bad I couldn’t wear jeans (which is part of our uniform for work), I couldn’t sit with my legs under me/cross legged/etc., couldn’t lay on my stomach, shave my legs, you name it, I probably couldn’t do it.

Mom wasn’t sure exactly what they were without seeing them.  So, I decided to go to the doctor again just in case it was an allergic reaction to something that I was taking.  I got in and the doctor poked and prodded at my legs.  I was in there maybe 15-20 minutes before he started asking me if I had ever experienced night terrors.  I was honest with him; I had experienced one about four years ago and it wasn’t pleasant.  I can still remember every bit of it.  He asked me to take off my socks and shoes and he started looking at my feet.  He was bringing my heel to some of the bruises and kind of comparing sizes and locations.  By the end of the appointment, he had concluded that I had a night terror and kicked myself in my sleep.  He wanted to throw me on some sleep aids and I told him that I wasn’t willing to take something that I could possibly get addicted to.

I started keeping a closer eye on them and started noticing a trend.  When I could spend the weekend at Shane’s or any extended period of time away from Brookings, they would start to heal up and feel a little better, but as soon as I went back to Brookings, they would reappear or the bruises that already existed would become darker and more painful.

About 4 weeks back, I was sitting at Shane’s house and was commenting on the pattern that I was starting to see.  Shane could see that I was starting to stress out about it, he mentioned that I go and take a bath.  Since it had been quite a few weeks since I had shaved my legs, I did some research on how to make it not so painful.  I read to fill a tub of water and shave them under the water to relieve the feeling of pressure – convenient, I was headed that way anyway.

I started shaving my legs and all of a sudden, something in my gut told me that the bruises that I had been wearing for so long were in the shape/layout as hand prints.  I tried to shake the thought but the more I was able to shave my legs, the more obvious it became.  I hurried as quick as I could to finish my legs and ran out into the living room where Shane was sitting.  I sat down and asked to see his hand.  I grabbed it and placed his thumb on the darkest spot on the front of my legs, and his fingers wrapped around the back of my leg just shy of the set of 4 spots that were the rest of the prints were.  I asked him what the thought and he said it was a possibility that my roommate could very well be the source of these bruises.

I went back to Brookings the following day and started talking to my roommate about everything that I had noticed in the last month, including my non-aggressive puppy becoming quite aggressive towards him.  He denied every inch of it.  However, he didn’t play the game well.  I had a hunch it was him and I was willing to go to whatever extent I could to prove it.

A little back story on my roommate:
A 34 year old, 6’2″ white male about 260 pounds who can’t afford to support himself so he takes advantage of whomever he can.
Controlling – I would receive constant texts while I was gone that would say “Where are you?” “When are you going to be home?” or my personal favorite “I took a random road out of Willmar and ended up over in Appleton…”
Thief – stole my extra set of car keys along with a $900 ring out of my personal safe and denied it even though I KNEW it was him.
Always the victim
Two faced (just to name a few characteristics)

I went and talked to local authorities and asked what they needed from me if this was going to turn into a sexual assault case.  I had everything, minus pictures of him “in the action.”  The biggest piece of evidence that could link him to sexual assault was that the day he said he ended up in Appleton “by coincidence”, he had put on over 700 miles round trip.  When he texted me, he told me the intersection he was sitting at and he was a mere 2 miles away from my parents house… THAT DOESN’T JUST HAPPEN – they literally live out in the middle of nowhere.

Push came to shove and he was starting to play dirty.  Little by little, I was starting to feel pretty unsafe.  Three weekends ago, I was talking to Shane and about in tears when it came down to me getting my stuff together to go back to Brookings for the week.  I didn’t want to – not unusual since I didn’t ever want to but this was a different feeling.  We talked about all of the events of the prior week and we decided that it wasn’t safe for me to be living in the same house as him.  I loaded up some empty totes in my car and away to Brookings I went.  I spent a total of 25 minutes grabbing the essentials – clothes, makeup, personal property, dog food/toys, etc.  I got ahold of the landlord and told him what was going on and he all but dismissed me from the property.  I decided to look at my door frame in my old bedroom just to see.  I knew that everything had a fresh coat of paint on it when I moved in so it should all still look pretty decent.  As soon as I took a look, I was sick to my stomach.  I ran downstairs and grabbed a butter knife to place against the jamb.  Sure enough, the teeth fit into the groove that was scraped from about 1/4 below my lock all the way through 1/2 inch above where the lock was.  I took a picture and I had to leave.  I had seen all that I needed to in able to confirm my suspicion.

I stopped by the Domino’s in town (that’s where the roommate worked) and picked up my extra set of car keys that he had stolen.  As soon as he handed them to me, I saw the safe key attached to them.  (the key to the safe where the ring was located.)  I asked him about it and he claimed that he found it on the floor while all of us were moving out of the house in Marshall.  Yeah… ok.

I got back to Shane’s house and breathed a sigh of relief.  I had managed to get most of my property back and the other things were material items that could be replaced.

We let our lives slow down for a couple of days before we informed my family.  My parents aren’t fans of the idea of me living where I am currently at, but I know that they are glad I’m safe and out of that environment.  My mom mentioned taking the rest of my belongings from him and leaving the poor SOB with nothing – alright, I can do that.

After talking to my family, I was informed that one of my ‘friends’ that Shane and I shared, had told this roommate where I was living, how to get there, among other things that simply weren’t true.  Not only did this put me in danger, it also placed Shane’s two kids in danger.

I called the law office and brought them up to date with all of the going on’s.  Turns out, I could get this ‘friend’ for 4 counts of endangerment, two of which have the possibility of turning into felony child endangerment, I could also get her for being an accomplice, defamation of character and harassment.  On top of everything that I could have pinned against the roommate, I was looking at a pretty penny for winnings.

Two weeks after having taken all of my initial belongings out of the house, I found myself on the way back to Brookings with Shane to load up the rest of my stuff.  The entire way, I was a nervous wreck.  I felt sweaty, cold, and like I was going to vomit.  I hadn’t eaten much for a few days and felt like I could pass out at any given second.  I didn’t realize the amount of fear I held until it came time to possibly come back face to face with the man who has bruised my body.

I called the local police station to have someone be on site when Shane and I got there so that we were able to get in and out as quick and as painless as possible.  Turns out, the cop that showed up was Shane’s cousin.  Not only was the ex-roommate pissed that we knew the cop, he was pissed that he was on our “side” of the issues.

We loaded up the rest of my belongings and gave the house a huge salute as we drove away.

I’ve still been in contact with the local PD as well as the law office and nothing has come of it yet.  All of the documentation that I held is in their hands.

Now, it’s just a waiting game.

Just remember that you are worth something and NEVER risk your safety.  If you ever need a listening ear, you can always get ahold of me; if you follow my blog, I follow back.

So, my apologies for taking so long to write, but this is what has been going on the last month or so.  This is also why I had to restart my blog.  Now, since I am 100% moved and don’t have constant meetings in the police station, work place, etc., I plan to get more writing done.


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