Yes! You read that right. I am working ahead tonight and completing the challenge since this weekend we will be traveling hundreds of miles between a couple of days visiting my family as well as Shane’s family.  So, here is my wrap up for the month!

Day 24 – What Attracts You (In Love)
Well, what really drew me to Shane was his sense of sincerity.  Then when we got to talking, I noticed: respect, honesty, integrity.  He was also fun-loving, adventurous (we went hiking on our first date), well-mannered, had a sense of faith/religion, and was happy-go-lucky kind of guy.  All these things combined really drew me to him and I haven’t looked back since.

009 (3)

Day 25 – Your Biggest Regret
Simple.  Moving to South Dakota.  &#@% that place and most of the people (or for sure one person) in it.  Biggest mistake of my life. (Refer to “Some Friend You Were” for explanation)

Day 26 – Your Hidden Talent
It’s kind of a hidden talent, but kind of not.  I LOVE baking.  So, I decided for Miccah’s 13th birthday, I was making him Minecraft cakepops.  So, turning food into art?

Day 27 – What’s In Your Closet?
A bunch of clothes and shoes.   But recently I added: A military ball dress and I’m SUPER excited for it!

Day 28 – Most Embarrassing Moment
When I was 16 and dumb, I drove to someone’s house without direct permission from my parents and when we got back from a movie, my car was gone.  I had to get a ride home from said person… it was awful!  But! I learned my lesson!

Day 29 – A Confession
This really isn’t a confession but it’s the best I could do right now.  Shane has asked my dad for my hand in marriage! (YAY!!)  We have already started the planning process (oops!) and I’m anxiously awaiting to see him on bended knee asking to keep me for the rest of his life.

Day 30 – Your Hopes For Your Blog
Really, my hopes have already been fulfilled.  All I wanted was a few followers, and I’ve seen so many followers come in the last couple of days.  All I wanted to use this for was to heal.  To heal from my past, gush about my present, rant about the crap not going right in my life and plan for my future.  If someone wants to follow me because of that: AWESOME!  I do follow everyone who follows me and I take time to go through and read most (if not all in some cases) of your posts to make myself familiar with your background.  So.  My hopes are fulfilled!


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