Since Day 2 of the photo blog challenge was quite vague, I decided to go off on a little tangent and update those of you who have been following my medical mystery for the past month.

I went into the doctor about two weeks ago now.  The doctor that I ended up seeing was not the doctor that I initially wanted to see.  This guy has a reputation around town for not caring for his patients.  However, since I didn’t know who I was scheduled with until the night before my appointment and the amount of pain I was in has been slowly increasing, I decided to keep my appointment.  MISTAKE!  He walked in, listened to my heart, listened to my lungs then told me he wanted to take a blood panel.  He didn’t look at the bruises on my legs or the swelling to go along with it.  He didn’t even bother to ask the story behind them so that he could be a little more educated to ensure that he would be able to assist me to the best of his abilities.

So.  I gave my 20 vials of blood and was told that my results would be in no later than Monday.  I wanted until Monday and didn’t receive a call.  I called on Tuesday – results still weren’t in.  Called on Wednesday morning – there was a little concern with a test so they were running it again to be sure of the outcome.  Wednesday evening, the clinic finally called back and everything was actually normal so he wanted to refer me to a hematologist.  I got quite rude with the nurse and told her to cancel the appointment with the hematologist and I was going to schedule an appointment with a Doctor who was going to look into my story and actually pay attention to the problem areas.

On Monday, I was able to see a different doctor and she was wonderful! She rolled up my pant legs and had me remove my shoes and took a look at the bruises and the swelling.  I thought I was going to have to pick her jaw up off of the floor.  She couldn’t understand why the previous doctor would have no concerns – but understood when I told her that he didn’t even look at them.  She then told me that she was going to send me over to the hospital to get X-rays.  Um.  WHAT?

Dr. Thoreson told me that she felt I have quite a few hairline fractures in my bones just judging by how tender they are to touch and how much swelling there is to go with the bruising.  However, the only way to tell was by X-ray, and if nothing showed up in the X-ray, we would find something in a bone scan.  So, I got my papers and off to X-ray I went.  I waited for about 20 minutes and finally was escorted into a room that was about 60 degrees.  I was told to put on these God awful shorts so that they could get clear shots of the bones in my legs and feet.

After the X-rays were done, they scheduled me for a bone scan for the end of this week.  They told me that my results would be in on Tuesday.  After a long day at work, the clinic called me back and told me that the bones showed up ok in the X-rays but there was a concern.  I have a large amount of soft tissue damage.  While this may not mean a whole lot to you, it means a lot to me since I have been battling this for about 12 weeks now – the fact there is still substantial damage is not good.

They asked to move up my bone scan but since I work an hour away from where I live and two people just got fired, I don’t really have the capability to do so.  So I asked what I could do to alleviate some pain and swelling until I could get the scan done on Friday.  Their first response – STAY OFF YOUR FEET.  Easier said than done.  I have a strong work ethic and I can’t stand to sit still for long periods of time; I’m always doing something.  My job requires me to be on my feet anywhere from 7-12 hours at a time depending on the shift that I am given.  On top of work, I’m usually on my feet when I get home – cooking, dishes, cleaning, laundry, so on and so forth.

If things in the bone scan are ‘inconclusive’ or they happen to raise more concern, my next step is a MRI.

I told Shane the news when I got home and he was excited.  He’s been looking for the doctors orders for me to stay off my feet so he has a reason to pamper me.  So what does he do when we get home?  Wraps my feet in ace bandages with ice packs, throws my feet up on some pillows and brings me food, water, and the TV remotes.

So as I write this, I’m laying on 3/4 of the couch with my feet elevated, the cat is curled up on my lap, the dogs are curled up by the couch and Shane is sitting on the other 1/4 of the couch building our dream home on the Sims.

Even though my medical situation sucks, at least I’m starting on the road to getting answers!  I will update more as my appointments carry on.

If you are interested in reading more of my story, go check out my previous blogs!


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