Well, I did it.  I grew up!  I mean, legally, I ‘grew up’ about 6 almost 7 years ago.  However, career wise, I grew up just a few days ago!

I will admit, in the past I have had what you could consider to be ‘commitment’ issues.  Commitment issues with housing, sports, friends, jobs, and sadly, men.  Not because I couldn’t settle down, but because I was scare to take those large unknowing leaps into adulthood.

No matter what the situation, I would find some sort of way out of it:
Housing – I didn’t like the house/apartment, I didn’t want to live with that person, I didn’t like the view….
Sports – I was tired, I wanted to focus on school, my previous years injury was a large concern for me…..
Friends – we all went separate ways after high school, we all had different class schedules… (Now my reasons are legitimate…  I feel like I work all the damn time and I live an hour away from my best friend..)
Jobs – I loved my gas station job and didn’t want to leave, I didn’t like an employee, I had a bad experience there, they weren’t willing to pay me what I felt I was worth…
Men – Before now, I have never felt like I’ve met “The One”, I had a life plan and I wanted to stick to it so I felt I needed to settle….

So, as you can see, excuses everywhere.  All of them with valid reasoning but after having grown up a lot within the last year, I view those things as such piddly excuses.

Backtracking to the job aspect, I loved the job that I held at SA.  Yes, it was a gas station, but it wasn’t just a gas station.  It was MY gas station, it was my job – one that I enjoyed, I loved my customers, I enjoyed my co-workers, it was my stress release as well as a good stress inducer, it was also how I met the love of my life.  How could I NOT love that job?  That being said, when I moved to South Dakota to go back to school, I felt that I needed to find another gas station job that I could love as much as I did SA.  I thought I had found one but I was way wrong!

I busted my butt for months at Shell and received little to no recognition for the efforts that I was putting in.  I was promised $9.75/hour and full 40 hour work weeks with the possibility of overtime.  Instead, I got $9.00/hour and maybe 25-27 hour work weeks with many early dismissals from my shifts.  Not only did I have an issue with the wages and the hours, some of the business practices were just wrong – 80+ expired pop bibs that were in back stock to be used on the pop machines, the manager saying that the women who worked there were emotionally unstable, raise/cut wages without warning whenever he saw fit, etc.)  There were numerous times where I got into his face about how much he sucked at his job.

After a while he started showing appreciation for the little things that we (employees) were doing.  But, by then, it was too late for me.  I had lost interest in my job.  Around this time is when I got into that situation with my roommate {Refer to “Some Friend You Were” entry} and I had to move out.  I wanted to keep the Shell job until I could find something closer to where I was now living.

It took about 2 months of searching before I finally got a call for a job that I applied to.  I am finishing my degree in Business Administration so I was excited with GrandStay Crossings Inn and Suites called me.  I was ready to get my foot in the door and work my way up the ladder and hopefully find myself in a very successful position after some time.  HA!  They offered me a breakfast attendant position at $7.25/hour with no more than 12 hours a week.  That wasn’t going to work with the amount of bills that I have to pay.

I was feeling pretty bummed out by the interview.  It went well on my end, but the way that the woman who was doing the interview conducted herself made me feel as if I was 2 inches tall.  I had concerns with mandatory weekends.  Not because they were weekends, but because with Shane being in the military and having obligations with events, the kids being active in church, band, and sports and with our families being over 2 hours away, we use our weekends to travel, when we can.  She offered no flexibility and told me that the children shouldn’t be any of my concern, because they weren’t mine.  Um.  I’m sorry.  Since when did my family life become any of your business?  I may not have created them but I guarantee I won’t be putting them on the back burner to work a minimum wage job.  I love those children like they are my own.  I fully intend to be married to their father and expand our family; so yes, they are my concern.

After talking with Shane, we decided that I was going to continue looking else where.  Somewhere that was willing to work with my school schedule, be flexible with the kids, be flexible with mine and Shane’s schedules.  Shane texted me about a half hour later saying that Amdahl Motors was looking for a part time office assistant and to apply in person.  I hopped in my car, went down to the dealership and got an interview on the spot.

I was honest with Carolyn, the woman who conducted the interview, with everything that I had going on schedule wise.  Her response “Not a problem at all!  We will find a way to work around it!”  Sweet!  We chatted for about a half hour or so before she had to get to another meeting.  I walked out of there feeling like I had nailed it.  I anxiously waited for about a week and after sending a thank you card and trying to get ahold of her to express continued interest in the position, I hadn’t heard anything back.  I was starting to look other places hiring when I saw a missed call from their office.  I called back but missed her by just a few minutes.  I left a message for her to call me back the following morning.

The next day, I got a call at about 9 AM.  I got the job!  I was the one she chose!  She asked if I could start that day!  Uh, of course!  One hang up; my job back in Brookings.  As soon as I got off the phone with Amdahls, I called Shell and told them after this week, I was not to be scheduled; I found a new job.  I was on my final 3 days of driving an hour to and from work.

My first day of work went amazingly! Everyone is so friendly and the environment was so relaxed.  I came home from work actually happy; the first day coming home happy in over 5 months.  It felt so amazing.

So as I start my new journey, I’m sure I’ll be able to post happier updates as well as post more frequently.  I can’t wait to see what the next couple weeks of training holds for me!


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