Right after the proposal :)
Right after the proposal 🙂

So, after looking over my blog site last evening, I noticed that I never shared the actual engagement story!  SO! Today, is the day that I will share that moment with you.

Shane is a part of the National Guard here in town and once a year, they hold a formal event.  This even is called St. Barbra’s.  It is the one evening a year that gathers all of the members of the guards into one area, all the wives/fiances/girlfriends/significant others get dressed up in formal gowns and we partake in a wonderful meal, long winded speeches, and adult beverages.

Shane invited me to St. Barbra’s not long after we began dating.  I had heard about it but never went.  I loved the idea of standing next to my soldier in a floor length gown learning more about the history of the National Guard while connecting with other military spouses.  I sat and planned my outfit down to every last bobby pin in my head.  It seemed as if time slowed down once the decisions were made.

In September, Shane had asked my dad for permission to marry me.  I knew it was coming, I just didn’t know when.  We had talked about on my birthday, but the Guards messed that plan up by scheduling drill up in Camp Ripley for that weekend.  There were other time-frames that were possibilities but were pushing it close to our fall wedding that we were hoping for.  Shane we planning something but I wasn’t sure what.

In November, we purchased our rings since we found AMAZING deals on them.  However, it was pure torture knowing that we had the rings but we weren’t allowed to wear them.  We would have “teaser” moments where we would look at them or put them on for a brief moment.  He would smile at me and say “Soon you will be wearing this.”

Time passed and now we are in January.  The day of the ball.  I got my hair done, I slipped into my fitted gown and put on my shoes.  I was getting nervous because I had a feeling that the proposal was coming that day.  I told Shane I was getting nervous and all he would say is “Why?” and flash that sly grin.  We started heading towards Redwood Falls – where the ball was being held.  We had casual conversation on the way up and as we got closer, we started reminiscing about our first date.  That particular date was in Ramsey Park in Redwood.  We went to the petting zoo and enjoyed our homemade sandwiches, hiked the waterfall and stuck our feet in the water.  He parked in a parking lot area and we got out (in a snow bank…in 4 inch heals HAHA!) and walked across the bridge leading to where we had our meal.  He was pointing out the bench we sat on, the amazing fishing spot we should try, and other places that had significance to us.  He leaned in for a hug and the poor guy was shaking like a leaf.  I made mention of it and he said “Yup.  I am.”  He then slowly got down on one knee right there on the bridge with our first date scene in the back and said “Elizabeth Ann.  This is the day that you’ve been dreaming of.   Will you marry me?”  Of course the tears started and all I could do right then was wipe tears and nod with a slight “uh huh”.   He slid the ring on my finger and wrapped me in the biggest hug ever.

I then let the words “I hate you so much right now!” Fall out of my mouth…. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  That’s the first thing I say after the love of my life just got down on one knee?!  I don’t really hate him, I just hated that I was so girly to start crying.  Everything that I have ever dreamed of in a proposal was done in that very moment:  a place that was significant to us, I (we) were dressed nicely, he used my FULL name, he got down on one knee and he spoke from his heart.  There was one thing missing, my family.  I wanted my family to be around the area since Shane has been welcomed into the family already.  I wanted them to be a part of that moment and be there to celebrate with us.  It was like Shane knew what I was thinking because he broke the hug, turned around and said “You know how you wanted your family here?….” *points off in the general direction of them*  I see them!  My mom hid behind a log to get pictures, my sister was in-between the dumpsters and my brother-in-law and my dad stayed in the vehicle because proposals just aren’t their thing; and that was ok.  He NAILED it.  He hit every point!

I now get to pledge my life to him in front of God and our families this weekend.  AHHH!!!  Time has gone by so fast but we are ready to begin a new journey with each other, the kids, our families and our faith!


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