Well, we made it!  Shane and I got married!

It was a beautiful ceremony.  It was very small and so full of love and devotion.  We had our immediate family there as well as a couple of close friends.  We wanted to keep it small because we do not feel that by having a big wedding, we are benefiting anyone.  The results of the small wedding are more than we could have ever imagined!

We had Pastor Steve conduct our service and asked for him to tell a little bit of our story during his sermon so that we could (hopefully) reach out to someone within our families.  Now, I know that comment sounds rude but there are many reasons why we were hoping to minster to certain individuals within our family.

I’m not going to say who we were hoping to reach, but we reached both of them, plus another!  See, someone in my family had completely turned against me.  She had not acted like family since the middle of our relationship and had pulled a “mightier am I” attitude that really offended Shane and myself.  She went as far to say that she was not happy for us because no one is happy over a second engagement/wedding.  Shane and I were doing what we could to keep our heads above water and to not let that negativity in, but we are only human and we could only do so much.  We had done what we felt we needed to do to reach out to her but received no response from her.

Someone on Shane’s side of the family felt that we were acting out of selfishness.  She felt that we were not thinking about the kids or other members of the family when we decided to move the wedding date up.  However, she has more of an excuse for the amount of doubt.  She has watched two of her family members go through nasty divorces while watching  4 out of 6 little children suffer the consequences.  Now, I’m not saying shes right, but I’m also not saying shes wrong.  I feel she has failed to realize that I am Liz, not Terri and not Ashley.  I am Liz, he is Shane, and we are us.  But only time will be able to repair her wounds – and that’s ok.

Neither one of these family members have been around to watch how we deal with conflict, struggle, happiness, etc.  All they saw was their own selfish reasons as to why we needed to marry sooner or not get married at all; depending on who’s side you are looking at.

After an amazing counseling session with Pastor Steve a few weeks back, we decided that it was in our best interest, the kids’ best interest as well as our faith’s best interest that we get married relatively soon.  We set the date for February 15 and let the family know.  We had the feelings of whoever made it, made it; whoever didn’t, oh well.  –By the way, probably not the best mentality to have when it comes to your family and your new marriage.

Thankfully, everyone showed up and showed their support.  The service began with the typical bridal party entrance as well as the bride entrance.  Shane, the kids and myself love the Phantom of the Opera and wanted to somehow tie that into the service.  Shane, being the wonderful man he is, found this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrmxPlkgfFQ (the first minute or so of this video) and we agreed to use it as our processional.

The service then went into a sermon about how our story has lead us to where we are now – all the decisions that we have to make, not just for us, but for the kids, for our relationship and for Christ.  It’s so hard to even write in here what the service was all about because it was all about keeping Christ at the center of our marriage, how we need to encourage one another in our faith, how we need to support each other in our decisions –it all just flowed together so nicely.

At the end of the service, we were told by those individual family members that they loved the service and that they finally understood why we were doing what we were.  Something about the message that Pastor Steve gave reached out to them!  Not only to them, but to my best friend, Katelyn, who stood by my side from the start of this relationship.  Her and her husband came and spent the weekend with us and watching them come to church with us as well as become engaged in the wedding sermon was one of the most amazing things I have witnessed.
My best friend and I.

I do not like to “throw” my religion in peoples faces but I do LOVE to talk about it.  I love what He has done of me and where my faith is taking me.. taking us.  Katie, posted an AMAZING blog yesterday on how our service had worked wonders in her personal life as well as her marriage.  (https://katelynlifebooks.wordpress.com)  I was so excited to see and hear this because when Shane and I were constructing our ceremony, our goal was to minister to a minimum of one person – we managed to minister to 3-4 people!!  How cool is that?!

I just cannot get over how unbelievably happy I am, how well everything came together – with the exception of me screwing up part of the vows, and how wonderful the day was, from beginning to end.   I am working on posting a video slide show thing that Shane and I put together that showed at our ceremony.  Once that is all uploaded and finalized, I will publish it on here as well as my Facebook for those of you that have started following me on there!

Now that things are starting to slow down a little bit, I’m hoping to get on here more and write more about the events, so if there is anything that you would like to know about the service, please feel free to comment on here or shoot me a message on Facebook and I will answer the question for you.  I cherish each one of you as followers and hope that you can find some comfort, guidance, support in the words that I share with you!

Until next time,

Elizabeth Peterson


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