I have finally decided on a direction – or directions – that I want this blog to move.  I am going to make it a DAILY goal to be on here and posting something.

I have gone as far as putting a category for each day: (yes I am using hashtags so that if you share it, you can tag it and share with your friends, families, followers.)

This will be my first post of the week.  I will be going through what verses, stories, experience, or prayers have gotten me through the previous week or which ones will get me through the upcoming week.

This will be the day where I will pick one (or two or three…) blessings that went on during the past week.  While each day is a day to be thankful, I will be picking the ones that mean the most to me and going through WHY they mean so much to be.

When you think of a prayer, you think a silent conversation with God, right?  Well, this is going to be a day where I will type out a prayer.  Whether it be for my personal life, someone I know that is struggling, or just a generic prayer.  If you know of someone who could use some prayers, feel free to message me on Facebook.  If you want it to be confidential, I will not post a prayer publically but I will keep them in my daily prayers.  I am investing in a journal where I can write down prayer requests and lift individual’s up throughout the weeks.

I was really reaching for another T word to put with Thursday (so if you have any suggestions, feel free!) I will be posting song lyrics, music videos, pictures, or even a story that I find speaking to me throughout the week.

This is the day where I will go through and see how many reblogs, likes, or new fans that I have from the week.  Whoever has the most likes, reblogs, or refered followers will have one of their posts featured on my blog.  That’s right!  I will reblog one of your posts.  If there is one in general you would like shared, let me know!  Otherwise, I will pick one that I enjoyed reading.  This includes those of you visiting from Facebook.

During this day, I will be sharing a verse that I find/found very inspiring.  This may be a verse that helps you in the current moment or maybe will help someone you know.

You may notice the word Son.  You can about guess what this means.  If not, I’m going to tell you!  “By the seventh day, God had completed His work which He had done.  Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all His work which God had created and made.” ~ Genesis 2: 2-3
That’s right!  Sunday is my day of rest!  Now, this just means that there will not be a posting.  I will still respond to comments and I still will be reading other blogs on here.  I just won’t be spending hours creating my own post. (Yes, I said hours.  I can easily kill two hours creating a blog post to entertain you guys; but I wouldn’t want it any other way.)

Sidenote:  I LOVE feedback!  I am making it my personal goal to respond to EVERY comment made on my posts; on WordPress, on Facebook, etc.  Please give me a few hours to respond as I do still attend school (online but I still put in quite a few hours with research and writing papers), I work at a car dealership where I interact with customers, I also am a ma to two beautiful, active children.  If I’m not busy with one of those things (or sleeping!) I PROMISE to at least acknowledge that I have seen your post by “liking” it.

I will begin this journey on Monday and I cannot wait to see what these changes do for me and those around me!



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