Dear Lord,

I would just like to take a moment.  Not to ask for anything or to doubt the wonders that you have done, but just to say thank you for all that you have done for me.

You have shown me endless love and compassion; even in the times that I doubted you.  You have given answers to all of the prayers that I thought had gone unanswered.  You have continuously protected me from Satan’s work.

Lord, you know each of us from the inside out.  I ask that you conduct healing in those where you see if.  I ask that you give strength to those who feel like they are weak; in mind, in body, and in spirit.  I ask that you give courage to those who lack courage to speak of your name or those who feel as if they are a coward.

I pray that you allow me (us) to be a friend to those around us.  Allow us to offer an ear to those who need to be heard, or shoulders for those who need support, and our arms for those who need the comfort of an embrace.

I also pray that you are able to shine your guiding light into the lives of those around me (us) who may not know of the wonders of your work.  Allow their hearts to be softened and their minds to be put at ease.

For I (we) know that you are with us, you will strengthen us, you will help us, and you will lift us up.  We ask that you continue to bless us with all of the gifts you have to offer.

In your name we pray.



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