Friday is finally among us!

The first week of my daily topics was a success!! You guys put me over 1,000 views all time.  While to some, that may be a “small” achievement, it’s a HUGE accomplishment to me!  1,000 views!!

So, in honor of a successful first week, I’m doing multiple Fan-Or-Follow links.

First person you should check out is Katelyn:  Click here.
Of course, my opinion is biased since she is my best friend.  However, reading about her new found journey has been amazing and I’m so proud of her!  Her posts raise some tough questions in regards to faith and life itself.

Second person you should head on over and see is Desiray:  Click here.
I’ve recently discovered her site and it has been amazing!  So many things that I can relate to or that bring a whole new light onto certain subjects in my faith life.  She has inspired me to do more than just try and spread the word of God through posts.  Go visit her page and you will see what I mean.  Her posts are just simply amazing!

Third person is Tina:  Click here.
She posts helpful hints, YUMMY food, and tackles some subjects that we don’t often think about.  For you bride-to-be’s, bridal parties, and anyone planning on attending the wedding – etiquette as far as RSVP’s.  Do you know the do’s and dont’s?  Tina does!

Final person to check out is Koolaidmoms: Click here.
Food, food and more food!  She loves Disney and majority (if not all, I’m not quite sure, haven’t gotten through all of them yet.) of her posts involve the cuisine found in Disney World.  She writes real life like it is – real uncut, raw and sometimes humerus!

**NOTE:  They are not listed in any particular order.  They are all equally good!**

So take a few moments to head on over and check them out!  Next Friday, I hope to not bend the rules and be able to share the bloggers who follow my site or share some of my posts!


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