Sometimes I wish that I had the mindset of a child.  The mindset that is so innocent, that puts others before themselves, the unconditional love for others and that tells things how they are.  However, I am not a child, I’m an adult.  Even though I try my hardest to put others before my self or to have unconditional love for others, I always end up with the thought of “How is this going to benefit me?” or “How when I feel when this is over?”

Watching a child has to be one of the most entertaining things that life has to offer.  Their selflessness is at a level that we will never reach.  A perfect example is the kinds of gifts that they give.  In fact, Shane has quite a few gifts from Miah that he has kept.  These gifts are simple painted rocks.  But not just any painted rocks, rocks that she gave to him.  She picked them off of the ground, dusted them off, decorated them to the best of her abilities, and gifted them to her father.  She saw something ordinary and had the thought to give it to someone special.  She gave him all she had.  It was something so simple, but something that means so much.

I wish that I could go as far to say that we selfless in my relationship with Christ.  I mean, to a point we can be, but it only goes so far.  It’s easy to see that in our relationships with God, He is the selfless one.  He is the one that gave up His life for us.  He is the one who is constantly waiting for us to take time out of our “busy days” to take a moment a thank him for everything He has done for us or that he has given us.  He is the one who forgives all of our sins.

All these gifts from Him can be looked at liked those painted rocks.  He offered us all that He had.  He chose us!  How cool is that?!

But, we are the selfish ones who often times reject these gifts from Him.  We feel that things have to be done our way, on our time.  We fail to remember that God has everything already planned out.  Our lives get too busy.  I know in my life, it seems like never ending housework, homework, actual work, errands, sporting events, concerts, and so many other things.  From sun up until sun down, I feel like we are always on the go.  Before we know it, it’s time to drag ourselves to bed and maybe (on a good night) drop our heads in a quick prayer.

If we aren’t busy, we feel as if we have nothing to pray for.  I feel someday’s that He has watched my every move, He knows what went right and what went wrong.  But to put a twist on this – how would you feel if you spent every waking moment of your day tending for someone, catering to them hand and foot, only to never receive a thank you or even a small nod of appreciation?  How do you think God feels when we just hurry on past without acknowledging Him for having a hand in our lives?

I’m one of the most guilty people by letting my “busy day” get in the way.  Instead of hurry up and do this, do that, go here, run there; I need to step back and say “Thank you for my supportive husband.  Thank you for two beautiful step-children.  Thank you for giving me a way to help pay the bills and provide for my family.  Thank you for giving your own life so I could live mine.”

Not only can selfishness affect our relationship with God, it can affect our relationship with our children, our family, our spouses, our employers; the list is just about endless.  But, because God was selfless, we can rest easy knowing that we can repent of our sins and be forgiven.

We often see pictures of Him standing in front of us with his arms wide open.  It’s a wonderful illustration to show that no matter where we stand, to his left or right, off to His side, if we turn our backs, or if we run up to Him with our arms wide open, He will always be there to embrace us and remind us how much He loves us.

He tells us in Isaiah 41:13 ‘For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.”‘

He is there for us.  We just have to stop being selfish and accept His painted rocks.  Are you ready to accept the painted rocks?

We sang this song in church yesterday and it reminds me that He is there for us.  Even when we try to find temporary happiness, He tries to show us that he is more than enough.  We need to stop looking in material possessions and look at what He has given us.  Because to some, His painted rocks may not seem like enough, but to me and to other believers, His painted rocks were all that He had to give, and He chose to give it to us.


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