Dear Lord,

Please be with us as we walk through this day.  Be our guiding light as we may face trials and temptations.  Be with us as we try to get through these times by putting on the Armor of God.  Help us to buckle the belt of truth, protect our hearts with the breastplate of righteousness, equip our feet with readiness, give our mind protection with the helmet of salvation, equip us with the sword of the Spirit, and place the shield of faith in our hands.  With your Armor, God, we will be prepared to face the day and all it offers to us.

Please be with those who may not know you or know the wonders that you are capable of.  Give them a sign of hope, a sign of peace, a sign of love, a sign of comfort.  Allow them to open their closed off hearts and reach out to you.  For right now, they do not realize that you are carrying them through the days.  Only when they look back on their path will they see all that you have done for them.

Please teach us how to conquer the fears that we may have; big or small.  Do not allow these things to start war within us or with those around us.  Teach us how to fight fears in your name, Lord.  Teach us how to stand up in your name.

I ask that you continue to be the light on our paths, especially in times of darkness.  Allow us to understand that even though the light may seem dim and we may stumble and fall, you will always be by our side to pick us up, dust us off and get us back on our path.  Continue to give us comfort in your words.

Please allow your armor to continue to protect us throughout the rest of the week.

In your name we pray,



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