Hello Everyone!!!

So, I’m coming off week two of my daily blogging adventure and I must say, I’m so overjoyed about everyone who has called, texted, messaged, or talked to me in person saying that they enjoy reading my blog or that it has helped them in one way or another.  I won’t name names, but to those of you who this applies to, THANK YOU!!

Since my follows and comments on here have been slow, I decided to make this a “fun” post.  I’m doing a question and answer!!

I’m asking anyone that reads this to ask me a question.  I’m an open book.  You can ask me questions about myself, my family, my job, my past blogs, my experiences, my faith, my opinion on anything; pretty much ANYTHING that you want to know or that you can think of, just ask!  Either comment on here or follow the link over to the right to my Facebook and message me!  All names will be withheld on here and I will not judge on any questions asked!

I want to have about…15-20 questions by next Friday.

Ask away!!



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