I know this is going to sound crazy, but today, I am thankful for unanswered prayers.

I used to pray for the dumbest things sometimes.  Well, ok, they weren’t dumb, they were real prayers, I just wasn’t getting God’s hints.

“Please make my boyfriend respect me more.”
“Please allow me to find a job that pays me a lot of money.”
“Please allow me to succeed at things I don’t put much effort into.”

So on and so forth.

I used to get so frustrated when I would get no answer at all.  But, worse than no answer was when I felt it was the wrong answer.  I can’t even begin to explain to you how many nights I was so angry at life that I locked myself in my room and just sat there.  Stewing on all the things that I felt were just terrible.

Then, as I began to mature out of the selfish mindset, I started to “pray for other people.”  I use that statement loosely.

“Please allow them to appreciate the things I do for them.”
“Please allow them to understand that I am here for them.”
So on and so forth.

They were still selfish prayers because it was about what wanted them to do or feel.  It wasn’t what was in their best interest.

Then, one day last summer or fall it hit me.  All of the unanswered prayers I thought I had, weren’t really unanswered.  They were “Not right now” or “You don’t want that, I’ve got something better.”

That He did.

I was gifted an amazing boyfriend (now husband) who helped me grow in my faith, not hinder it.  I landed a job that I actually went to school for.  I mended (or started mending) damaged relationships within my family.  All of these little things just seemed to be snapping into place at the time that He felt was right.  Best of all — I was ok with it.

Afterall, who are we to tell God how He has to answer our prayers?  He knows us best.

Maybe all of your “ignored” or “unanswered prayers” really aren’t left ignored or unanswered.  Maybe your answer just isn’t quite clear yet.

Have faith.


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