Dear Heavenly Father,

We know that the challenges and the trials of this Earth can become overwhelming.  Often times we get so caught up in our Earthly life that we tend to forget that you were the one that created this Earth, the one who created our lives.

We are grateful that whenever we do lift our troubles up to you, that you hear us and deliver us out of those troubles.  You give us a sense of peace, happiness, and joy.  Thank you for calming the waters when we feel like we have been left out at sea during a storm.

Lord, you carry our burdens when the load becomes too tough.  You bring rest upon our souls.  Today, we lift up those who feel weary, doubted, defeated, or sad.  Even though they may be surrounded by rough waters, you will calm the storm and you will relieve them of their pains.  Please give them a peace of mind and declare that their hearts will no longer be pained.  Remind us that even though we struggle, you have also struggled.  For you were betrayed by your followers, you were tortured, and you were crucified for us.

Jesus, we ask that you replace any feelings of doubt with assurance, sorrow with joy, weariness with enthusiasm, and defeat with victory.  Allow those feelings to help us focus on Your blessings in our lives.  Help us to not become conformed to this Earthly life but transform us by renewing our minds and our spirits.

Allow us to put on your armor as we prepare to face the battles and the feelings that are headed our way the rest of this week.

In Your name we pray,



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