1.)  Where do you blog?

Well, 90% of the time, I do it sitting at home in my pajamas on the couch.  Then I’ll save it in my drafts and edit and publish it later in the day as I have time.  Otherwise, if homework prevents me from getting it done, I’ll do it later in the afternoon/early evening.

2.)  Is there anything that your parents said, did, or disciplined you for that you thought was stupid or made you mad at the time but now being a parent can understand?

DEFINITELY!  One of the things that we have had to deal with recently is the abuse of social media.  I always had different e-mails for different websites and even though I never really talked to people I didn’t know, I was on a public site where people could find me.  I got internet pulled, phone taken away, internet time limit, internet access with one of my parents sitting right there, etc.  At the time I was mad about it and thought it was “dumb”.  But now being in the “mom” position that I am, I totally understand why they did it.  We had a situation with one of the kids where they were in semi-immediate danger of coming into contact with someone they had never met.  It’s nerve wracking and scary!
Another thing was when I got my keys pulled and had to ride the bus.  Let’s just say if M&M EVER pull anything like that, they will be walking to where they want to go.  It is just one of those point of perception things — at the time, it was frustrating, irritating and annoying because I knew it all (obviously!) But now I would almost bet that Shane and I more strict with M&M than our parents were with us.
I mean, any whining and they get chores, they don’t do so well in classes they get an ear full, they don’t get their chores done their privileges are taken away, they abuse the phone/internet/Xbox/etc. it’s gone.  But that comes down to holding them accountable and molding them into functional members of society.

3.)  Where do you get motivation for your topics?

Ha… well.  Life.  Everything that I’ve written about is something that I have experienced personally, dealt with personally, or have helped someone through (in which case, I will state that it was someone else’s experience).  I’ve been through a lot and my life is always on the go with a work hard-play harder husband who is active in our church and military, and two children who participate in sports, church, youth groups, etc.  Keeps me on my toes.

4.) I’ve read a few of your blogs, and I feel that they have helped me personally, but do you ever feel you are forcing religion down people’s throats?

Ooooh!  Good question!!  No.  I don’t.  If I was saying that they have to believe what I do or that they are wrong for having their own beliefs or lack there of, then yes, I would feel that way.  I’m just using this as a testimony to my faith and my experience with it.  As I said in a previous blog, there was a period of time where I was stuck in limbo.  I believed but I wasn’t practicing.  I mean, if anyone felt like I was being preachy or “shoving religion in your face”, I’m sorry.  That wasn’t the way it was intended.  It was meant for me to publicize my testimony and my life and I hoped that I would help at least one person.

5.)  What are you going to school for and when will you be done?

I’m finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource.  I already have my AS degree (After 4 years of college…) and since my college I was attending got rid of the BS program for this degree, I had to complete it somewhere else.

6.)  Do you feel you rushed into your marriage?  9 months isn’t a long time.

No, I don’t feel I rushed into it.  We hit it off right from the start and really connected on all levels.  Besides, it wasn’t in our plan, it was in His.  If you check out some of my earlier blogs, you can see parts of our story.  Which, I’m assuming since you knew how long we were together, you’ve followed our story.  Shane and I have been through so much together that he has proven he is a wonderful supporter, comforter, and provider.  Not to mention he respects me and treats me the way I’m supposed to be treated.

7.) How old are the kids?  Why do you refer to them as M&M?

Well, our son is 13 and all boy.  Our daughter is 12 going on 30.  Ooof.
I refer to them as M&M because both of their names begin with M?  I used to use their name but when we were battling that social media fiasco, I decided to not publicize their names.  Just a safety thing.  When you’re a parent, your child’s safety comes first.

8.) How big is Hugo now?!  I haven’t seen him in forever!

I know!! Well, last I weighed him, he was about 80 pounds.  He stopped growing and is a couple of inches above my knee.  He’s still a lot of puppy.  He loves to run, play and chase the cat.  He’s recently learned shake and that laser pointers are impossible to catch.  He generally sleeps while cuddling something; his toys, the cat, one of us…doesn’t really matter.  He also loves to sleep on his back.. it looks really uncomfortable. Here’s a couple of recent pictures of him!
sleep snoozin

10.) When do you plan on expanding your guys’ cute family?

Thank you!  Um.  Well, not before next year for sure!  It all depends on where we are sitting job wise, financial wise, and our housing.  We can make this house work but it’s small.  I would like to be working full time and close to finishing school (within a few months) before we consider expanding our family.  If that means I need to apply somewhere different than where I’m at now, I’m willing to do it to be able to help provide for my current and future family.  We want to be responsible about it.

11.) How did you become so strong in your faith?

Honestly; Shane.  I mean, I was attending church as I could (I worked most weekends) and praying as much as I could, but when we started dating and I saw his passion for Christ, it made me desire to be more active, more committed, and grow closer to Him.

There you have it! Those are my answers!!  I didn’t get 20 but that’s ok!  Hopefully those answers help you guys and are what you were looking for!

Until tomorrow!!!


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