Heavenly Father,

I come to you today knowing that, as a human, I have my flaws and my limits.  There are things that just do not come naturally to me.

Help me to be able to place all my insecurities in you and allow you to show me the way.

Show me how to be slow to anger and be filled with love. Allow me to gain patience and understanding.  Allow me to have love, peace, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, and compassion towards others.  For I am to be a living example of you.

May you prepare me to be forgiving – not only towards others but towards myself as well.  For I do not know the struggles of someone other than myself, but grant me the courage to pray for their healing.

While I may struggle with these things at times, I ask that You place Your guiding hands upon my broken shoulders and show me Your way.

I’m asking you to guide me because I know I cannot do this alone, for surely my feet will fail.

In your name I pray,



2 thoughts on “Be My Guide.

  1. Hi

    I love your prayer.

    We are flawed…we are not perfect and will never be while we are on earth! But we have God and that changes everything! He helps us in our weaknesses! He guides us and leads us! He is ALL that we need!


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