Man, you guys! I have found some of the coolest blogs this last week!

Some suggestions to check out:

I found Kingspeech’s blog in Freshly Pressed one day and fell in love with it!  It’s a new take on different areas of the Bible and provides a lot of inspiration for anyone who may have lost their way.  I HIGHLY suggest checking it out!

Another one I found was NotoftheNorm.  My goodness you guys!  These people are amazing!  There are 7 different people who run this blog.  Their different stories on their faith journies just resonate with you! They don’t sugar coat it!  They talk about struggles as well as the good times!  As you’ve probably seen if you are a follower of me on here (I don’t re-post them to Facebook though)  I have shared a few of the posts that I really connected with.  Head on over and take a peek, I  HIGHLY recommend them!

I just found this site yesterday, but so far what I have read, it’s pretty good!  Chronicles of a kid next door.  Another faith based blog that relates real life to different passages.  I’ve only read the first couple of entries but they are very well written and provoke that “Been there done that” thought.

So.  Head on over and check these guys out and leave them words of encouragement or support!

Tomorrows blog is going to be AMAZING!

In the mean time, enjoy this picture of some ducks!


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