With this being Holy Week, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about all the feelings and emotions that Jesus endured for me; us.

He suffered betrayal, anguish, anger, distress, grief, sadness, weariness, and crucifixion.  However, he also felt things such as compassion, gladness, joy, love, peace, and sympathy.

He felt the human emotions that we feel.  However, he still managed to lead a sin free life.

He suffered for US.

He died for US.

He rose for US.

He forgives US.

To even try and wrap my head around that just consumes me.  He has every right to turn His cheek at me, but yet I feel his embrace and love.

I am literally overwhelmed by what He has done and what he continues to do.  I couldn’t say it any better than this song.


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