There are battles that we as humans go through every day; greed, lust, self-image, forms of self-destruction, etc.

Just yesterday, I was battling self-image.  I was getting ready for work and didn’t even recognize the woman looking back at me in the mirror.  Her hair was lighter, her eyes were brighter, her lips were smooth and her cheeks were defined.  That wasn’t me.  I have lifeless hair that hangs, my eyes tend to stay a dull green, my lips are lifeless and my cheeks are sunken in and dull.  That person I was seeing was someone I could only dream of becoming; someone who my husband sees but I never can.  Only then was I able to see beyond my “flaws” and see me the way that God sees me; perfectly imperfect.  The only thing that was different between yesterday and any other day I felt that way – I actually believed it yesterday.

These temptations are daily struggles for most and we don’t even realize that Jesus is calling us – begging us – to continue on the right path even when we are going down the destructive path.  He fights the battles for us so that we don’t have to fight them alone.

I was sent this video this morning and I cried.  I had to pause it a few times to dry my eyes to continue watching it.

It’s tough but it’s something that needs to be seen; especially on the day where we learn more about His death and what He accomplished for us so that we didn’t have experience what He did.

Get your Kleenex ready and turn it up so you can hear the music with it.


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