People tend to form opinions of people off of first impressions.  Depending on when you came into my life, you may have a different opinion of me than someone else.  I was going to combine a couple different suggestions for my fun post but decided that with it being Good Friday, a more serious post was needed.  So my Saturday post will be 10 things about me that I want to share with you.

1.  I am not dependent on substances.  I can’t stand the “day after” feeling of a night having a few drinks and I have never had the desire to do drugs of any sort.

2.  I have a huge heart. It often times gets in the way and in the end, I find myself getting hurt or run over.  I would much rather please someone else than make myself happy.

3.  I spent majority of my high school career active in OAFC.  (Ongoing Ambassadors of Christ).  Since I was normally shy, this made me break out of my shell.  I was make some friends who have been so supportive from the start.  Even though we’ve all grown and gone our own ways, we can go a while in-between talking and pick up right where we left off years ago.  I was also able to experience how it felt to minister to people who needed to hear the word of God.  It was a nice feeling knowing that I was helping people with their faith and in some cases, getting them back into an active church.  We saw many of the people we would visit come to services and form bonds with the youth as well as other church members.

4.  It took me 6 years of assistant managing gas stations to break out of that line of work and get a “big girl job.”

5.  I am not afraid to fight for what I want or deserve.  This applies in all areas of my life.  I have fought in the workplace when the management was less than what they should have been or when I was being jerked around and lured in with things that I just wanted to hear.  I have fought in my personal life.  To bring in supportive, respectful people and get rid of the disrespectful, manipulative people.

6.  I am a born again Christian.  I was baptized into faith May 1990 but as I got older I strayed from faith. (There are a few different blogs that explain different times)  I turned my life 100% back to the Lord in 2011-2012.  I can’t tell you exactly when but during those years, there were pieces of my life that just weren’t making sense and I needed to let Him guide me.

7.  I graduated college with a degree in business. (and finishing off my bachelors within the next 8 months or so hopefully!) Before I started this blog, I never wrote; never had a desire to write.  I’ve used this as an outlet and as a way to grow in my faith as well as to help others grow.  I’ve now found that I enjoy writing about things I’m passionate about- Faith, my family (both my birth family as well as my married family), and life.

8.  I really enjoy the 2004 Phantom of the Opera movie.  The Phantom reminded me so much of someone who I had in my life – controlling, manipulative, and just not a very nice person.  I followed the story line closely as it was just something that drew me in.  I also love the music and actually used one of the songs as one of the songs in our wedding.

9.  I am a survivor.  I have been a victim of mental abuse and sexual assault.  I use my experiences to help others that may be in same situations.  Even though they were less than desirable conditions, I learned a lot through them.  They were situations where I really saw Christ’s love come through and show me His way instead of my way.

10.  I love to travel.  My parents were good about taking us on vacations as we were growing up.  I’ve seen most of the Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Dakotas area.  We loved heading out to Yellowstone and visiting the geysers and mud pots.  I was also able to travel a lot my first couple years of college.  I was the manager of the traveling wheelchair basketball team.  So with them we traveled mainly East and South (PA, TX, WI, IL, AL.)  I would love to go to back to Yellowstone, visit Ireland, Scotland, Australia and Germany.  I’ll put them on my bucket list.


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