Heavenly Father,

We live in a world where it is all too easy to become the center of attention; even if we don’t want it.  There are situations on the Earth that happen and we don’t understand why.

In those times, it may feel like we want to just give up.  We become so overwhelmed with human emotion that we reach a point where we can no longer carry ourselves.  We ask that in those moments, you are there to help carry us.

Your gentle hand gives us a breath of fresh air and helps us keep focus on you and your wondrous works.  You offer us solutions and help us adapt to the changes in our lives or our surroundings.

You offer us a sense of peace in the midst of chaos.  We have breakthroughs instead of breakdowns.  You heal us just when we feel as if we have been completely broken.

Today, I lift one particular family up to you in our prayers.  For you know how broken-down and weary they are.  I just ask that you continue to do your work in them as they continue this difficult journey that they are on.  Offer them guidance and clarity on the struggles that they are facing.  Continue to give them faith not only in You, but in themselves as well as each other.  Do not let them give up; carry them.  Turn their foundation from cracked and crumbled limestone into a foundation held sturdy with you as the cornerstone.

Give the members of this community the strength to not slander when they do not know the struggles.  You tell us in 1 Peter to build up one another instead of knocking each other down.  Help us to build up this family instead of knocking them down with words and actions.  If you are for us, who can be against?

Lord, we ask that you continue to give us direction and the strength to continue down paths that are pleasing to you.

In your name we pray,



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