Dear Heavenly Father,

Today, my heart is heavy.  I am beginning to feel a new sense of loneliness and I have begun to feel overwhelmed.  I need you.  I need you every day but especially today.

I ask that you be by my side and to help me to feel your presence and allow it to fill me up until I am content.

I will begin to miss that human touch, the sincere hugs, the better half of me that I can have conversation with and the calming voice saying that it is all going to be alright.  I am asking you to place your hand on my shoulders, embrace me and calm my fears as I walk the next five days without my husband by my side.

I know you will never leave me nor forsake me, but the human feelings overtake what I know in my heart, soul and mind.  I know that you have sent your love and peace towards me, but help me to feel it in my soul.  Help me to not be consumed with sadness but instead, allow me to keep busy and accomplish tasks that need to be done and find happiness within them.

Allow this time to be a time for personal growth in faith as well as in each other.  Circumstances are not ideal but we know that it is what needs to be done; his duty has called.

Please stay with us Lord, as we embark on this journey.  Allow us to get a taste of how You will continue to be by our side.  Allow us to learn how to handle times away, especially when he is required to leave for weeks at a time.  Allow us to feel your presence and allow us to understand that we are never alone.

In your name I pray,

My hero is my supporter, my comforter, my best friend, my husband.

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