Dear Lord,

Today, I am lifting up to you those individuals who are suffering in different aspects in their life.  I ask that you be our comforter in our time of need.

It’s during times like these that we are impaled with thorns and it feels like we will never fully heal.  It feels like day after day, we get stuck with a thorn.  However, you bore the cross wearing a crown of thorns.  You suffered greater pain than we ever will in this lifetime and for that we are grateful.  You wore that crown so that you could withhold the thorns in our life.

Even though we may be suffering loss, your loss was greater.  You gave your life so that we may live a life full of unfailing love and forgiveness through you.  You will give us a new life within you; one where pain and suffering does not exist.

Grant us the strength and courage to throw ourselves upon your mercy and give up our sufferings to you.  You know how much we can handle and you allow us to unite the rest with the sufferings that you have endured.

Allow us to trust in you no matter what suffering may come our way.

In your name we pray,


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