TGIF doesn’t even begin to sum up today!  So, my Friday post is going to be quick because today is a day.  Oof!

So, this is my last week… in 5 pictures!

First thing, Shane came home on Sunday! (YAYY!!!)  I was so happy to have my husband back home and be able to actually speak to him without delays and to actually hear emotion instead of a text or a choppy phone call.  The first thing we did after the “How was drill?” “Fine we did ____ and ____” and unloading his gear from the Tahoe, we sat on the couch and ended up taking a few moments to ourselves; this happened.

We got the rest of the garden planted this past week!  WHOO HOO!  Bring on the rain!  We have a variety of things and I’m excited to see how our crop turns out.

We have new life!  On top of planting the garden,  I am welcoming some new flowers and herbs!  They started sprouting while Shane was away and I found that watching them was really therapeutic.  Odd?  I thought so too.

My new Bible came in!!  It’s the HCSB translation so you may see the wording of my verses change in my future posts.  The translation is really close to the NIV but does have some differences.  At the bottom of the pages, it has life applications for the verses.  I’m excited to start using it!


Tomorrow, Shane, the kids and I get to venture back out onto the farm to pick rocks!  Surprisingly, I’m excited for this.  Why?  Because it’s been years since I’ve picked rock.   On top of that, we are going to be bringing some rock back with us to build up the fire pit so we can just have a ring inside of the rock wall and not the fire pit that we have right now.


That’s my life in a nut shell.  Now, I get to work ahead on tomorrow’s post for you all!   It’s going to be a hard one to read for some of you and for others it will be a nice guiding post.  Some of you will probably just roll your eyes and ignore it.  Either way, it’s happening and I’m excited about it!


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