School safety and security are two things that I didn’t think I would have to actively worry about in a small school system.  However, the school district that M. is in has proven otherwise.

There has been numerous times now where Shane and I have been at our wit’s end trying to get the school to accept responsibility where they fall short.  The newest issue: permission slips.  Yes, those sheets of paper that your child is supposed to bring home when they are going on a trip.

Well, about two weeks ago, our dear little M was given this slip in school for a trip to a park about an hour away from here.  The next day the slip was turned in (without any of her parents knowledge).  Now, the school didn’t notice that the slip was filled out in M’s handwriting or that there was a lack of a parent signature, etc.  Nothing was said to Shane or Terri and it was just accepted that M could go on this trip.

Last evening, M asked to go cash her check that she received from my parents for helping pick rock.  Right away, this rose a flag to Shane because she said that she wanted to wait on it until she could open an account here in town.  He asked why and she sheepishly responded with “Well, I guess I have a field trip tomorrow.”

Shane asked questions and talked with her long enough to figure out that she had filled out and turned in this slip on her own.  She had lied about it and had gotten away with it until now.  When asked why she did it: “I got too excited because we never go on field trips.”

Now, not only does this fall on M’s shoulders, it comes back on the school.
1.) Why are they not noticing that the note is in a child’s handwriting?
2.) Why are there no e-mail communications being sent out about these things until it’s too late? – They don’t blink an eye at e-mailing about anything else.

We’ve had issues with her selfishness and her lack of responsibility and quick to act but slow to speak.  But last evening was the first time she saw the repercussions from it.  When Shane told me, I was instantly mad.  What would have happened if she wouldn’t have asked for her cash, she went on that trip and ended up in an accident?  We wouldn’t have known about the trip until it was too late.  But because she wanted to go, she took actions to make sure she went.

After much discussion with Shane as well as Terri, we (as parent figures) decided that M did not deserve to go.  Between her grades, her lack of responsibility, and her dishonesty, we felt that she did not deserve to have a fun day off of school because she thought she needed it.  Instead she could stay behind and work on her numerous missing assignments, get caught up in band, and take responsibility for her actions.

BUT. It doesn’t stop there.

Shane called the school this morning and talked to the principal.  He stammered and stuttered over himself because he knew he was caught.  His school system had failed our family (once again) and he had no way out.

Shane expressed what he felt needed to happen and what would be best for M.  Instead of obliging by what the parents wanted, he said that what we wanted was “too much” considering the situation.  So, he ruled that M go on the trip.

Now turning the tables, she’s been in trouble at home for dishonesty.  We told her she had to be honest with her teachers and her principal and tell them why she lied.  But yet, the school rewards her for bad behavior.

This is not our first rodeo with this school system.  In fact, since we’ve been married, we’ve had a minimum of five issues where we have had to contact the school and tell them that their concern for the children’s safety as well as their lines of communication with parents are extremely flawed.

They want to have the parents involved, they want feedback, they want suggestions, they want opinions; but when they are given, they override it for what they feel is best for the student.  It’s no wonder why children get away with anything within the schools’ walls.  There is ZERO accountability and ZERO discipline/reprimand when there is wrong doing.

When will they wake up and remember that those children that they are rewarding for bad behavior are the future of this country?  All they are doing is instilling lying, cheating, and offering an easy way out when things get tough.  Yes, parents have the ability to change it, but it’s hard to mold your child with morals and ethics when they are learning and seeing the opposite in their education facility.

Lying, cheating and stealing your way though life will not get you anywhere.

/End Rant.


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