Well, I am adding to my material.  So on top of my faith related topics that I do, I’ll be starting this 30-day blog challenge.  So expect to see multiple posts from me per day!  (Yeah, I didn’t think it would be that exciting)

DAY 1:
Weird things you do when you are alone.

Well, I don’t feel that anything I do is especially odd.  But I guess if I had to choose a few things, the first would be that I squish the dogs faces when I talk to them; but I do that when people are home too sooooo…

Other than that, I guess I sing obnoxiously loud (and terribly) and prance/hop/run around the house to the radio/Pandora/whatever I have on.

Also, with Shane leaving for camp, by bedtime habits become unusual.  I will lay on the couch and watch TV until I fall asleep.  I’ll sleep on the couch for a couple of hours and then I will go to the bedroom.  I hate the feeling of an empty bed so I avoid it as much as possible.  Kind of makes me wonder how I could sleep in an empty bed before…

What are some weird things that you do?



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