Selfless, compassionate, strong, beautiful, generous, friend, comforter, supporter, teacher, loving.

Just a few words to describe every mom that I have ever known; especially my own.

I always heard the phrase “You will never know what it’s like until you have children of your own.” come out of my mom’s mouth.  It never really bothered me but I didn’t understand why she said I wouldn’t understand.  I understood what compassion was, what loyalty was, or what selflessness was… or so I thought.  The truth is that I had no idea.  Even currently, I don’t know it to the extent that she did.

See, I claim M&M to be my children.  I get defensive for them, I comfort them, I help them, I support them.  But the one thing that will never change is they are not my flesh and blood.  I have love for them as if they were my own, but they aren’t.  I understand that the feelings and the emotions intensify when you can look at another human and see a part of you.  But, when I look at them, I see a part of Shane and a part of Terri.  The only way I fit into that equation is by marriage.

But, I’ve experienced most of those words that I listed above.  Most of the actions that I’ve taken, I learned from my mom.  I always took for granted the things that she did and I never found a real appreciation for the things that she did until I was in her shoes.

Selflessness ~  I cannot count how many times my mom would work extra hours or holidays at work just to help pay the bills.  But, when Becky or I would ask for things growing up, rarely did she hesitate to allow us to have those things.  We had to do chores for them, but she would rather give up buying herself new clothes, cutting her own hair, or taking a trip somewhere just to get away so Becky and I could have clothes that fit, school supplies, or hair cuts.

Compassion ~  She showed us unfailing love.  Even when we made her so upset, she showed us love.  Even if it didn’t feel like it.  1 Corinthians 16:14 says “Your every action must be done with love.”  I didn’t realize how much love showed through in those times of anger until I was put in shoes similar to hers.  Yes, I get mad at M&M, but only because I love them and I want the best for them; in the same way that our mom loved us and wanted the best for us.

Strong ~ I rarely saw my mom cry.  There were very few times and it completely broke my heart.  Especially in those times where my actions were the cause.  But, it never slowed her down.  She picked herself back up, dusted off, and continued on.  She later used those moments to teach us valuable lessons that could only be understood now that we are older.

Beautiful ~  My mom is beautiful.  It’s pretty self-explanatory.

Generous ~ She has very few friends but the ones that she holds near and dear, she would do anything for.  She would give the shirt off her back to make someone else warm.  She also took my best in high school under her wing.  Together; her and this girls mom, stuck by our sides and showed us how to be grateful for the things that we had.

Friend ~ I wish I would have realized this sooner.  I didn’t have many heart to heart conversations with my mom when I lived at home, but I wish I would have.  maybe then I would have figured out who I was before I went through some of the things that I did.  But, the path I took lead me to where I am today, and my mom was a part of that.

Comforter ~ When I was in my spells of selfishness, even though she knew it was wrong of me, she still gave me a sense of comfort.  She would give me a hug, play with my hair, or just be there without saying anything.

Supporter ~ She went to most of our sporting events, sent us to camps, cheered us on in the good times, and encouraged us in our worst times.  She allowed us to make our mistakes and learn from them.

Teacher ~ When we made our mistakes, she would give us lessons on how to improve or show us the right way to go.  She also taught us crafty things such as crochet, cross stitch, latch hook, sewing, and much more.  She also taught us things like “Shut the door, I’m not paying to cool/heat the outdoors.” or “Pick up after yourself, you weren’t raised in a barn.” or the infamous “Because I said so.”  I have said every single one of those and immediately thought “Oh my goodness…. I sound like my mother.”

Loving ~  Every single one of these words just shows how loving she was.  Even to this day.  I get to watch her do the same types of things around M&M and I just grin because it isn’t the first time they have heard or seen those things.

Of course, father’s are just as wonderful!  He will be getting his own post on Father’s day 🙂


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