Well, since I don’t blog on Sundays, today I am playing catch-up on my 30-day challenge.

Day 4:
What do you wear to bed?

Typically, I wear yoga pants and a tee-shirt.  I actually change into my “pajamas” when I get home from work.  I probably spend more time dressed in my pajamas than I do in normal clothes; they are just so comfy.  Really boring, yeah I know.

Day 5:
What are 5 things that irritate you about the same or opposite sex?

Well, I honestly don’t want to post 5 things that irritate me about the same or opposite sex.  Why?  Because each person has their own little quirks that makes them unique.  We should embrace it instead of bash it.  Being that I am a Christian, I make it my goal to love everyone as equally as I can.  I may come off rude or stuck-up because I tend to stick to myself.  That doesn’t mean that I dislike you, that I’m upset with you, or that I’m rude.  It means that I’m comfortable in my little bubble and until you pop my bubble with whatever weapon you may be carrying, I love you for you.



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