Over the last few weeks, Shane and I have had many in-depth conversations about our faith.  Not that this was unusual, but we were trying to find God’s answer to the question “Should we be re-baptized?”  At first, we had the initial response of “Why?  We are already baptized?”  But I felt this little push saying that we (more specifically, I) needed this.

I grew up in the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.  In that denomination, they believe in infant baptism.  That is where there is water sprinkled on the child’s head, they have Godparents who essentially speak for them as well as give themselves a responsibility to make sure that this baby is brought up in God’s Word.

All throughout confirmation, I thought that was pretty neat.  I was already baptized so I was already forgiven and washed away of any sin.  I understood it to a very shallow point.

As you’ve read in other blogs, as I grew older and faced different challenges, my faith became weak.  There were times where I felt really close to Him and other times where I felt far.  There was a 2-year span where I attended church a very limited amount.  I had reached a point where I had the view that my paycheck was worth more than my faith.

It took a few trials to snap me out of this line of thought and put me right where I needed to be.  What was I thinking?!  He was the one that even provided me employment so that I could earn that paycheck.  Why was I not taking time to thank Him for that?  Or for anything for that matter?

I came back around and decided to straighten my life out.

Fast forward to present day.  Our church was having a Pizza, Pool and Baptism party.  I approached Shane with the idea and let him know where my opinion sat.  I wanted to be re-baptized.  Not because I didn’t believe in my baptism that took place 25 years ago, but because I felt like I understand it better, I appreciate it more, and I wanted to re-dedicate my life to Him.

Shane thought on it for a few days and must have felt the same way I did because he wanted to join me in this baptism.  We began talking of why and our feelings on it were spot on.

Then, came the kids.  We told them what we planned on doing and why.  We extended the invite to them to join us but had left the decision up to them.  We asked them if they knew what it meant and we talked with them about it as the time passed.  But, this was something that they needed to decide for themselves; not us.

M (daughter) was first to come to us saying that she wanted to do it as well.  We were excited for her because this is the first big decision that she has made on her own.  AND it has to do with her relationship with Christ!  How cool!

M (son) was a little slower on the go.  He’s more mellow and waits until the last-minute.  We waited for an answer for as long as we could, but we wanted to talk to Pastor Steve and let him know that we (and how many of us were planning on re-dedicating our lives to Christ.  We gave M the final opportunity to decide and he decided that he too wanted to do it.

So, Sunday, we approached Pastor with our decision and we were embraced with a huge hug.  The excitement that he felt for us is a feeling that is indescribable.  We were told at that point that there were 6 people who were going to be baptized with us.

As the week went on, the feelings of excitement that I had turned into nervousness.  This was a HUGE deal.  I was making this decision for myself and my relationship with Christ.  It’s not that I’m not appreciative that my parents baptized me as in infant; I actually am thankful for it.  I’m also thankful that my aunt and uncle were my Godparents and vowed my life to Christ back then.  But, now that I understand the importance of it, this was a decision that I made for myself.  A decision that all four of us needed to make for ourselves.

I couldn’t be happier with all of our decisions.  I really felt Him working in that room last night.

Last night, our family began a new life with Him.  We dedicated our lives to live for Him.  We confessed our sins and believe that He is our one true God.  Our old selves died last night – and that’s ok.

“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you.  And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”  ~Matthew 28:19-20






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