I am seriously the worst at remembering this thing!   Yikes!

Day 16:
3 things you are proud of about your personality.

Well, lets see.  I have become more loving towards others.  I used to judge on actions or first impressions, a lot.  I’ve gotten rid of that because I wouldn’t want someone to do that to me; especially if I’m just having a rough day.
I’ve become sacrificial.  When children come into your life, the first thing that you learn how to do is give up what you want so that they can get what they want or need (within reason of course!).  I used to go out and get new outfits quite often, but now, I would rather spend that money on baking goods so we can bake together, tickets to Valley Fair so we can travel as a family, or spoil them with something that they have wanted for a while.  It doesn’t happen too often because they do have to work for what they get, but I have given up a lot of the little spendy things in my life to help provide for them.  I’m also sacrificial towards my husband.  I would give up my happiness to make sure that he is happy.
I am forgiving.  I used to hold grudges and hold them hard.  But, I realize that everyone is human and everyone makes mistakes.  The only thing that I can do is accept that, forgive them even if they do not ask for it, and move along.

Day 17:
Things that make you scared

Well, I hate bats, mice and heights.  All acquired fears.  Otherwise, I’m scared of being alone.  I know that sounds really stupid, but I hate being lonely.  So my apologies go out to Shane for blowing up his phone while he is gone.  My apologies also to those on Facebook and to the kids for talking as much (or as little) as I have been.  I’m trying to stay strong but it’s hard when a major part of your life is removed and uncertainty lingers.



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