Day 18:
Disrespecting parents.

Ha!  Ask M&M how I feel about that!!  I hate it.  I especially hate when it happens in public.  Seeing these kids that scream and yell at their parents while they just stand back and let it happen.  You are training your child to be entitled individuals in society.  Shane and I work really hard with the kids on respect.  Not just in their words but in their actions as well.  Actions as siblings, actions as our children, actions for a future relationship, etc.

Day 19:
Something that never fails to make you feel better.

Hugs from my husband and DQ ice cream.  In that order.  Nothing can beat the sincerity and the security of Shane’s hugs.  It’s a feeling that I cannot explain to you.  And who doesn’t like ice cream?  Thank goodness for blizzard punch cards!!



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