Well, I fear that I have lost my spark.  Writing these blogs used to be so easy.  The words just used to fall out of my fingertips.  The topics would be easy, the words would come fast, and the link to faith would shine bright.

However, over the last couple of weeks, I’ve struggled.  I’ve had a couple of posts that were just easy but nothing like what it used to be.  I love writing these and I love including you guys in my everyday “normal” life.  Most of what I write about, especially with the kids, is 110% true.  You can’t make those situations up!  The kids and my husband are my motivation, they are my influence; they are the reason that this blog has become as successful as it has.  Their experiences are relatable.  Every house hold can relate to one thing or another that has been addressed here.

But, over the last two weeks (as you probably have guessed), I’ve been on my own.  The kids returned to their mom’s house and Shane left for his annual training.  I have been at home with the dogs and they can’t talk.

I’ve began to get the feeling that maybe a post a day is too much.  Not only is it a lot of work on my end, it’s also hard for everyone who reads this regularly to keep up.  I’m going to try to continue to post as often as I can, but I am not guaranteeing every day.

I feel that while I was doing it every day, God wanted me to reach out to someone special.  The way my posts were received among family and friends was amazing!  I received many messages where people were thanking me for having a post that they needed to hear that day, or thanking me for being so open and vulnerable.

That’s what this is all about.  You can see every part of my being in these posts.  I don’t cover it up, I don’t stretch it, it is what it is.  My husband is a devoted reader (sometimes out of obligation; sorry, love.) but he would never share them as much as he does if there was something fabricated within the words, the emotions, or the situations at hand.

As much as I love tying the word of God into everyday life, I feel like I’m being nudged to take a step down for now.  I feel that I have accomplished what I needed to thus far and when God feels that someone else needs to read these words, He will let me know.

Until then, my posts will be random.  I will not commit to any certain days/times/topics.  I’ve enjoyed posting but with a temporary lack of inspiration and encouragement, my flame has been extinguished, for now.


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