That’s What It’s All About.

I’m not one who usually gives good advice.  This post is no different but I’m going to give it my best shot!

There was a young woman on here who was asking advice for a “going to be newly-wed couple”.  As I was looking through the comments and I saw things like never go to bed mad, always forgive, pray with one another, be respectful, make compromises, take advantage of the free time you have together, make memories when you can and so on.  You know, the generic advice that we see people giving newly married couples.  As good as some of this sounded, I felt like they were missing something of value.

So I prayed on it for a couple of days.

Having worked in the management position that I did, I dealt with a lot (and I mean A LOT) of people on a daily basis.  I would strive to make relationships with those people who regularly visited our store and made a conscious effort to genuinely care for how their day was going, how their boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancé/husband/wife was doing, how their weekend went, etc.

It wasn’t until I started noticing a pattern in couples that had dated for a while (past relationships of my own) and engagements that were ending that I found a common pattern.

To the public, everything seemed “fine” or “well”.  But was that the truth?  In my case, no.  But I felt that if I were to admit to anything different it would be a sign of weakness.  But, since I knew what wasn’t “fine” in my relationship, I could easily pick up on when other relationships weren’t “fine”… I knew the tricks to hide it all too well.

I heard over and over again “It was because HE didn’t want to (insert something he didn’t want to learn, listen to, be a part of, etc.)” or “It was because SHE didn’t take me seriously.”  Out of 6 years of working with the public, only once did I hear “It was because he didn’t love Christ as much as he loved me.”

I wish I would have had enough courage to call that out when it was happening in my own life.  Sure I had my ups and downs with my faith but at the time when I needed support and growth, I wasn’t getting it and it formed a wall.

All to often, relationships are one sided.  People are selfish and only care for what they want and if it doesn’t benefit them in some way, it doesn’t get done, said, or looked at.

So, after having prayed over this young woman’s question for a couple of days I came up with this for her advice:

It’s not about you, it’s not about him, it’s about Him.

Cryptic, right?  Well, I got artsy-fartsy the other night and made images to show:

To the public, this is how your relationship may be viewed.  You are seen as a couple that nothing can come between.  You seem happy; like you have it all!  You’ve got this all figured out… right?

Maybe to the outside.

On the inside, you see things such as disrespect, anger, evil thoughts, addictions, bad attitudes, video games, jealousy, anger, lust, temptation, use of pornography, money, greed, laziness, lies, media, little/no faith, and the list can go on and on.  Before you know it, these things that once seemed so “little” have formed a wall that is much bigger than you are, bigger than your significant other is.  It is so powerful, that it begins to tear you apart, compromise is all but in the past and there is “no saving it”.

For those who don’t have faith or haven’t found faith yet, this may seem true.  The driving forces in your relationship are so strong, the only way you feel you can fix it is by breaking it.  We’ve all been there at one point or another.

But what you don’t see (and probably can’t with the resolution of the picture) is that there is a cross right in the middle.  There are promises that were made to us by Christ’s suffering and death on the cross.  He died for our sins; so that we may be forgiven.  God has also given us the gift of eternal life through Christ.

If you put the cross at the center, all these seemingly “large” issues that were driving wedges now don’t seem so tough.

Romans 6:23 says “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

All that we have to do to accept Him is to put our selfish and sinful desires away, focus on Him and how we can lead better lives for Him.

From there, things in our relationships will begin to fall in place.  You will bring out the best in one another, you will begin to compliment one another, you will begin to find happiness in things that only brought you pain before, you will begin to encourage one another without saying a word.

If you don’t allow yourself to see the good in things, all good things disappear.  You become so focused on the negatives over here when there are all sorts of positives happening over there and you miss out on the good of those things.  Slowly, all of the negative drags you down and it becomes a long, slow crawl up if you don’t have help from Him.


Long story short:

My advice to ANY couple; married, dating, engaged, is to stop putting yourself first, your spouse second (or even your spouse first and yourself second) and begin to put Christ first.  The rest will fall into place.

It’s not about you, it’s not about him, it’s about Him.


Life And Time.

Life goes by quicker than we think.

Love. Never. Fails.

Over the past 76 days, I have learned a lot about marriage.  Those of you have been married for quite some time are probably rolling your eyes thinking “You don’t know anything yet!”  While that may be true, I have learned a lot.  We’ve been through so much together thus far; beginning with dating to current.  Most couples wouldn’t go through majority of those situations within the first 5 years of marriage let alone the first 6-7 months of being together.  But we did the best we could, and we came out stronger.

It’s not very often that we reach the burnt out stage.  If you’ve been around us, him or I individually, read my blogs, or know our parents, you know that we are busy people.  Not only with just our lives but with the kids as well.  We aren’t typical newly weds.  We are not living a fairy tale, we are living our dream – active in church, active with kids, wanting to stay busy with house work or little things instead of be lazy.

But, it would be easy for us to reach that point where we are so worn down that we begin to shut down.  We have a habit of go, go, go until we have to force ourselves to take a step back and relax.  Even then, we take half a day off, we realize how bored we are and begin again.

But even with all the chaos in our lives, we lead a very happy marriage. I still get all giddy and butterflies in my stomach when I refer to him as my husband. I play with my ring and allow it to take me back to the moment he put it on my finger.

So, I sat back and thought about what we do, exactly, that is probably not like many other marriages.  So, for today, I’ll give you the top five that I could think of.

1.  Forgive!
It is all to easy to hold grudges or to hold onto your personal wants/desires that it almost becomes a distraction.  Marriage is a two-way street.  It’s not about just you, it’s about the other person too.  James 1:19-20 says “Everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger, for a man’s anger does not accomplish God’s righteousness.”  It is our wifely (or husbandly) duty to allow ourselves to listen to our spouse.  We need to ask for forgiveness when we find times where we have been selfish, been too quick to speak, or became angry.  It’s not easy but it’s needed if you plan to move forward without reservations.

2.  Support and Encourage!
Wives, your husbands need support and encouragement as much as you need support from them.  Not just in day-to-day activities but in everything.  Every decision that needs to be made needs to be supported by the other – EVEN IF YOU DON’T AGREE!  Yes, you read that right.  You need to support and encourage your husband/wife even when you have opposing views.  Often times, there is a whole new side that you are not able to see.  Trust them and support their decision.  Chances are that they will not do anything that would jeopardize your relationship or well-being.  1 Thessalonians 5:11 says “Therefore, encourage one another and build each other up as you are already doing.”

3.  Sacrifice.
This also goes for both husbands and wives.  Remember that this marriage is not just about you or just about him.  There are going to be times where you will have to sacrifice something that you want to help the other out.  I would be willing to give up just about anything to make (and keep) Shane happy.  I think it would be safe to assume the same goes for him.  Seeing him happy in turn makes me happy.  We do not want to reach that selfish point in our marriages where we feel it is all about what we want or what they want.  It should be about what He wants.

4.  Forget About The “To-Do” List
Shane and I actually make up a lost of lists.  If you look in our house, there is a list pretty much everywhere.  On top of the fridge, on the side of the fridge, on the whiteboards on the front of the fridge, on the table, in the bookcases, on the coffee table, in the vehicles, in the garage… they are everywhere.  Why?  Because we are busy bodies.  We continuously think of things that need to be done and jot it down wherever we may be.  However, if we are always so focused on that list, we lose focus on one another.  It is so easy to let everyday life get in-between us.  This forms a wedge and the longer it goes un-noticed, the further between us it gets.  Soon, it’s like we have nothing to talk about and nothing in common to do.  We’ve been close to this a couple of different times.  It’s especially easy to do when the kids are around.  That’s where we need to take time for our weekly date nights.  We need to put the “To-Do” list down and spend time together.  Go for a walk.  Go for a drive.  Do dinner and a movie.  It is ok to step away from life and focus on one another.  After all, “…until death do us part.”  We will be around one another for quite some time, may as well enjoy it!

5.  Laugh… A LOT.
There are very few days where I have not had a hearty laugh while being with Shane.  He makes me genuinely happy.  We have a lot of inside jokes, we pick fun at one another, we enjoy the dogs, we laugh at the kids, and we laugh at life.  I may not be the most hilarious person on the face of this Earth, but, if I can make him laugh half as much as he makes me laugh, I’m satisfied.

Those five things have been staples in our marriage. I feel that after 76 days, we have a better understanding of how to make our marriage light-hearted and enjoyable than most people who have been married for years. I feel people tend to forget that their relationships weren’t always sour looks, battling selfish feelings such as irritation, jealousy, and frustration, or spending more time apart. There were, once upon a time, flushed cheeks, sweaty palms, butterflies in the stomach, and the dedication to spend as much time together as possible.

Instead, we’ve let the human emotions, the selfishness, and the hustle and bustle of every day life kill our butterflies…and more often then not, I see people stop trying. Don’t stop trying. Awaken those butterflies again and enjoy life with your spouse!

We are all familiar with 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8; “Love is patient, love is kind.  Love does not envy, it is not boastful, is not conceited, does not act improperly, it is not selfish, it is not provoked, and does not keep a record of wrongs.  Love finds no joy in unrighteousness but rejoices in the truth.  It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.  Love never fails.  But as for prophecies they will come to an end; as for languages, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will come to an end.”

Did you catch that?  Love never fails.  It tells us right there to not stop trying…

What are some things you do to keep the butterflies alive?

Broken Or Privileged?

In todays society, the terms “broken home” or “broken family” is not uncommon.  We see split families quite often.  Even though we may not know the story of every one, often times you will hear of unfaithfulness, the other was not trustworthy, they would fight more often than not, or that they just fell out of love.

As a whole, society looks at children from “broken homes” as if they are something almost extraordinary.  They get unneeded sympathy, they get numerous mulligans in situations, and even sometimes they get special treatments when it isn’t necessary – especially in the school setting.

Shane and I struggle with M in her schooling.  It isn’t that she is smart, because she is.  She’s bored.  She knows what they are learning or she picks up on it quickly, so her mind wanders and she can’t focus.  But that is just in general classes like English, History, Math and Grammar.

Then we have band.  We have been battling with her band teacher most of the year.  M switched from flute to trumpet, but instead of her teacher putting in ample effort to help her to catch up to her other 6th grade peers, M was pushed backwards into “Beginners Band” which consists of 3-5th graders.

M has put in endless hours of practice trying to get up to speed so that she can have class with students her age, so that she can be in a concert where she isn’t among those who are struggling to learn their instruments.  We’ve had many conversations with the band instructor and have had no results.  M is still expected to play songs such as Mickey Mouse Club and Penny Waltz when she should be working on pieces that challenge her; she needs the challenge to stay engaged.

Throughout these conversations, her attitude has been cold towards Shane and I and what we expressed to her in what we would like to see for M and her progression in band.  Her responses have been more or less degrading towards us.  Even though she hasn’t outright said it, it has been implied that because M comes from a “broken family”, she needs a little more time to adjust to changes.

No.  No she doesn’t.  That is not how real life works.  She’s done fine with every other change in her life.  What is so different with school?  In the work force, her manager is not going to give her endless re-do’s because her childhood was spent between two homes, her husband or children will not give any breaks when it comes to raising a family because she saw two different forms of love; it just doesn’t work that way.

M&M do not come from a “broken home”, they come from privileged homes.  They have two stable homes.  Four parents.  Five siblings.  They are happy, they are healthy, and they are loved.  That doesn’t sound like a “broken family” to me.

In fact, probably one of the best things to happen to M&M is the divorce of Shane and Terri.  Take me and Marc out of the picture and look at it for what it was.  There was broken trust.  There were fights.  There was no support when it came to faith.  They needed to do what was best not only for them as individuals but for the kids.

The kids didn’t deserve to grow up in a home where mom and dad fought all the time or where there was only happiness displayed in public but misery behind closed doors.  That’s not fair to the kids.

Bring Marc and I back into the picture.  They now have two loving “step-parents”.  They have two whole families instead of just one.  But, that does not make them superior over those children who have one family – not one bit.  Our kids get double the love, double the hugs, double the opportunities, and if you ask them, double the punishment and double the chores.  Their families are by no means broken and they should not receive hindering (special) treatment because of such a stereo-type.

We, as parents, have the power to make our child’s/children’s home life what ever we want it to be.  It’s up to us to make our homes viewed as privileged instead of broken.

You Can’t Take It With You.

The saying “You can’t take it with you when you go” has more truth to it than we know.  I’m not sure about you, but every time I have heard that saying, I think of it in a “here and now” sense.  I can buy this or that, but if I move, there may be a chance I can’t take it with me.

Last night, I had a whole new spin to this saying put into my head.  See, my husband (Shane), our friends Katelyn and Ryn, and I attended a concert last evening.  We were able to see John Tibbs, Finding Favour, Audio Adrenaline, and Newsboys.  (Which, it was AMAZING and I’m sure I’ll be blogging about it off and on throughout the week because the amount of content we got is a lot to process!)

While each artist had a touching story of demonstrations of Christ’s love within their life (which I will go into throughout the week as I do my postings), there was something that grabbed me during the Newsboys.  Michael Tait (the lead singer) was speaking to the sold-out crowd.  He was commenting about how it is just so easy for us to collect things.  Things like clothes, homes, cars, toys, collectables, animals, money.  Just about anything that you can imagine (aside from necessities), we tend to have more than we need.

But what do those material items mean in this life?  Social status?  Risen self-esteem?  An act of jealousy or anger?  An attempt to “one-up” your neighbor?  But what good do these things do us in our next life?  You know, the new life that we are given when we die.

It tells us in Exodus 20:3 “You shall have no other gods before me.” and in 1 Corinthians 10:14 “Therefore, my dear friends, flee from idolatry.”  But, what does that really mean to us?

It means that even though we do not try, we put things, money, and social status above God and He does not want that from us.  I’m guilty of doing this even just this past week.  On my birthday, I tried to buy a good mood.  I went to ShopKo, I bought myself a new shirt and some other things for around the house and tried to buy my way into a good day.  I would almost bet majority of you have done that at one point or another.  Retail therapy sound familiar?

It is almost in that moment that we hand over the cash or swipe the card that we are telling God “I’m sorry but you just aren’t good enough.  I need to buy my happiness.”

I’ve never once intended to put God beneath the material items in this life, but it happens…even when I don’t want it to.

Michael then told us “I’ve never seen a U-Haul hooked up behind a hearse.”  That’s when I realized the “You can’t take it with you when you go” went so much deeper than just this Earthly life.  Our time on Earth is limited.  We all have a timer that is counting down to when we are eligible to begin our new life in Him.  Why should we waste our lives spending money on things that are of no value outside of this life?

Then Michael made this comment: “Instead of collecting things, we need to collect people.”  AMEN!  We need to stop buying our forgiveness from people, stop buying our social status, stop trying to be greater than our neighbor.  We just need to stop.  Instead, we need to show love towards people.  We need demonstrate patience, kindness, understanding and mercy towards others.  That is how we can show the love of God without being overwhelming, aggressive, and what others could consider as rude.

I for one will admit that I am not the best with this.  I would rather stay in my quiet little shell.  But, being in a room with 4,000+ other believers and feeling the power in there made me feel a new sense of boldness, a sense of strength, and a sense of desire to do this for Him, not for me.

It was during that concert, I felt the need to reach out to a friend who is struggling.  She has been struggling over the past month or so.  I know how not fun those challenging times are, and even though I felt like nothing anyone could say was going to help me, I felt like I could help her.  I felt that in those few moments, she needed to know that God was there for her.  I sent her a 10 second clip of 4,000+ people singing “It’s all God’s children singing glory, glory, hallelujah, He reigns, He reigns.”  He does reign and I”Hey, I’ve got this.  I have you in my hands.  You are loved.”

Blake NeeSmith of Finding Favour couldn’t have said it better when he said “You are loved.  You are worthy.  You are enough.”

Are you satisfied with the things you can bring with you when you go or do they need some work?  I’m looking for form a prayer team, even if it is just on WordPress.  I want you all to hold me accountable for reaching out and showing others the love that Christ has for us!

It’s More Fun Than Expected.

One thing that everyone takes for granted at one point or another is time.  Perfect example; you probably noticed (or you didn’t) that I didn’t post on Saturday.  Instead, I spent the morning attending my daughters spelling bee (or at least driving there.  She didn’t get past the written round), working out in the yard, getting my homework caught up, planting my garden/re-seeding my herbs, and spending some one-on-one time with my husband.

The day just seemed to fly by and it wasn’t until we were on our way to Sioux Falls that I realized I hadn’t made a post.  But, that wasn’t the time to do it.  I was on a date with my husband and the last thing that I needed to do was stick my nose in my phone and write a post.

The only time I touched my phone was to take pictures when we were at the sports complex playing Glow Golf.  Other than that, I did not communicate with anyone other than my husband and the employees of the businesses that we visited.

I got messages like “Why are you ignoring me?”  “Are you mad?”  “How did I upset you?”  None of these were the case.  I was putting effort into keeping my marriage a happy marriage and supporting my husband.  Because, believe it or not, he needs me just as much as I need him.

Ephesians 5:25 says “Husbands, love your wives as Christ loves the church.”  Christ didn’t just do enough work to get by.  He pursued His people and sought them out because He loved them.  This verse points at the husbands and that they are supposed to love their wives in this way, but it’s not just the husbands.  Wives, it’s us too.

Pursue your husband the way you did when you were first dating.  Those stolen glances, the flirty eyes, the little giggles, the sweaty palms when you held their hand for the first time, and the butterflies in your stomach.  Leave little notes for one another, take date nights just the two of you and leave the phones at home or in the car.

It is all too easy for the outside world to get in the way of marriages now.  Not only do we have those men and women who are so unhappy in their relationships that they set out to ruin others, we have technology.  Literally anything can be at our fingertips in a matter of seconds.  Pornography, a conversation with an ex, a flirty conversation with someone other than your spouse, pictures of other people who you lust after.  We also have other forms of technology that are just as invasive.  Video games, computer games, online gambling, television series, etc.  The list of things that can invade a marriage are endless.

But it isn’t just technology and unfaithfulness either.  It’s kids too.  You get so busy running and scurrying that soon one day turns into six days and you can’t remember the last time you had an actual conversation with your spouse.

As soon as one of those things works it way in, it is hard to maintain the level of communication and the amount of dedication that our spouse needs.  We would rather sit down and zone out to the latest episode of Revenge/Grey’s Anatomy/Dancing With The Stars/The Walking Dead or sit down and indulge ourselves in our computer/video game until we reach the next level…or the next….or the next.  We then lose track of time and it’s time to head to bed and you don’t even know how your husband or wife’s day at work went, how their doctor’s appointment went, what they spent most of the day thinking about, etc.

I’m guilty for sitting down in front of the TV for a couple of hours without muttering more than 7 words at Shane.  But, he will sit next to me, he will rub my feet or hold my hand, and he will just be there.  Sometimes, that’s all I need.  I’m not good at communicating how I feel most of the time, or offering suggestions as to how it can be fixed.  My head spins on things that it shouldn’t and it ruins my day and I spend the next 2-3 days picking myself up out of the dumps.  But that doesn’t mean that I don’t try to communicate these things.

I’m also guilty for jumping to my phone when I hear a game notification, an e-mail, a call, a text, or a Facebook chime come through.  I’ve told countless friends that I will be there for them whenever they need me, and I have been and will continue to be.  But I also need to keep in mind that my family comes first.  My family needs me and they can’t have me when I let these things get in the middle of us.

I’ve had a couple of people tell me that their marriage “isn’t as fun as they expected.”  Let me ask you this, when was the last time you had a date with your husband?  When was the last time you put down the phone, turned off the electronics, and had a meaningful conversation?  When was the last time you listened to what your husband had to say and offered advice or support or vice versa?

To be honest, my marriage is more fun that I expected.  Did I expect to fight all the time?  No.  But I was always warned on how it takes a lot of work and it’s exhausting and it’s a full-time job.  Yes, it is a full-time job; there is laundry to be done, bills to be paid, dishes to be caught up, dusting that has been neglected for weeks, floors that are disgusting, mouths to be fed and treats that need to be baked.  That doesn’t include the yard work that needs to be done, the basement that needs cleaning, concerts and sporting events that need attending, the dogs that need to be fed and walked, the cat that needs to be fed, and the flower garden that needs weeding.

But it’s fun.  We find a way to enjoy these things together. We’ve turned bills into a lesson about money for the kids.  We’ve created meals out of random foods in the kitchen.  We’ve found enough stuff in half the basement to hold a healthy garage sale.  We cuddle with the dogs before bed.  We plant, dig, rake, and tend to the outdoor things together.  We compete to see who can tend to the dishes or the laundry first so that the other doesn’t have to do it.  Just because it’s work doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

I realize that you need your friends as well, but you married your spouse, you didn’t marry your friends.  Marriage takes work.  A lot of work.  But how can we put work into something if we are always putting distractions and addictions before our husbands or wives?

Not only do we have to work with our spouse, we have to work with the Lord as well.

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.  A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”  Ecclesiastes 4:12

It was refreshing to get out and disconnect from the world for a few hours.  I got my behind handed to me in Glow Golf and we ate super unhealthy burgers that fixed our (my) burger and fries craving.  But we were spending quality time together and we were able to work on our marriage while having fun.  We talked about faith, we talked about friends, we picked on each other, we talked about family, we watched people in Sioux Falls, we relaxed.  Together.  We probably even prayed together without realizing we were probably doing it together.

Marriage is all what you make it.  What have you made yours?

Break Free.

Dear Lord,

I come to you on behalf of those who cannot find the strength, those who are struggling to find the courage, or those who are struggling to find the words.

There are people in this world that are struggling with addiction.  There are so many different avenues for this wicked disease to take and it may take victims by surprise.  For some, it has a strong hold and they cannot break free.

We pray that you are able to come into their lives and be able to help heal them.  We pray that you are also able to show them your light so that they may come to know you and understand all of the wonders that you have done for us.

Give them hope as they may struggle with sobriety and the challenges that come with beating addiction.  Give them strength in moments when they may be fearful, experiencing grief, having anxieties, or become resentful.

Allow them to hear your call and to follow your way, Oh Lord.  Fill their hearts with your word for your word is life.

In your name I pray,


Hidden Faces.

Betrayal (verb) : to deliver or expose to an enemy by disloyalty; to be unfaithful; to disappoint.
Denial (noun) : an assertion that something that is said or believed is false; refusal to believe doctrine; disbelief of existence of a thing.

At some point in our lives, we have all experienced one of these emotions.  Maybe from family, friends, co-workers, or maybe in some cases, ourselves.  There have been times that we may have denied a friendship or talked about someone behind their back with someone else, there may have been times that we refused to believe someone even though they were telling us the truth, there may have been times where we have disappointed others or ourselves.

But the extent that we have felt these emotions are nothing compared to what Christ felt.  He was betrayed not once but three times by one of His followers, He was mocked, He was tortured; all so that we didn’t have to be.

But His denial didn’t stop with Peter; it continues with us.  I’ll be the first to admit that there have been times where I didn’t admit to being a believer.  The friends I spent most of my time around in High School were not believers and I got tired to fighting the fight of trying to convince them to believe.    Even though I didn’t deny it, the fact that I didn’t defend my faith – defend Him – wasn’t close enough to betrayal – it was betrayal.  My betrayal to Him was worse when I stopped worshiping.  I quit going to church, I stopped praying, I took my issues upon myself and majority of the time, they got worse.

We turn our faces in fear as to what others will think.  We get the frame of mind that no situation is bad enough to where we need His help.  We lose faith because of things we may have been put through in our lives; deaths, abuse, divorce, life-threatening diseases/illnesses, and so on.  We become bitter and closed off because we just don’t understand “why us.”

But since Jesus died on the cross for our sins, we no longer have to live like fearful and faithless cowards.  We can stand proud, confess our sins, and ask for forgiveness.

“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” ~ 1 John 1:9
He is there to make our crimson stained lives white again.  He is there to cleanse us from all that is unholy.

Since yesterday was Resurrection Sunday, Shane and I braved watching The Passion of the Christ with the kids.  Talk about a tough movie to watch; especially with two kids who are visually sensitive to movies like this.

I first saw in in 2004 while I was in confirmation.  At the time, I was a bit put off by all the blood and gore that was shown but I didn’t fully understand the meaning behind it.

However, watching it 11 years later had a whole new feel to it.  I understood why these things were happening.  I found a greater appreciation for what He endured so that we didn’t have to.  But, the kids covered their eyes and hid their faces as the most pivotal points in the movie were happening. (But I can’t say that I blame them.)

But then I realized our biggest faults here on Earth.

We hide our faces.

We hide in fear that we may not “fit in” or that we will be viewed as “weak.”

We cannot keep living a life of masquerade.  How can He help us if we don’t allow Him to?

Sometimes we just need a pivotal moment in our lives to knock us down and show us that we cannot keep living our lives the way we had been.  My moment?  When I realized I had been brainwashed to become a person I wasn’t.  When I realized I was fighting with my family more than I was talking to them.  When I realized that that ring on my finger felt more like a noose.  That was when I realized that I needed Jesus and that I needed to stop living in denial and misery.

We have two choices; continue on a destructive path harming ourselves and those around us or ask Him to guide us back onto the path that He has laid out for us.

He gave His life for us, the least we could do is give up our lives to Him.

What is your choice?

Are you willing to uncover your face?
Are you willing to uncover your face?

A Diamond In The Rough.

So, I wish that I would have included this in my last weeks follow Friday but I’ll throw it in this week because its A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!! So, I’m not sure if they found me or if I found them first but either way, if you enjoy my posts, you need to see what B Hoyt talks about. The bogs are open ended, full of wisdom and completely captivating! There have been a few where when I walk away from them, my brain feels like it’s going to explode (in a good way of course!) I highly highly highly suggest going and checking it out!!