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A huge THANK YOU goes out to Carl for giving me a shout out on his blog site!

His writing has provided much encouragement and inspiration in the little time that I have followed it.  Please go over and check him out and let him (and I) know what you think!

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The Flame Is Gone.

Well, I fear that I have lost my spark.  Writing these blogs used to be so easy.  The words just used to fall out of my fingertips.  The topics would be easy, the words would come fast, and the link to faith would shine bright.

However, over the last couple of weeks, I’ve struggled.  I’ve had a couple of posts that were just easy but nothing like what it used to be.  I love writing these and I love including you guys in my everyday “normal” life.  Most of what I write about, especially with the kids, is 110% true.  You can’t make those situations up!  The kids and my husband are my motivation, they are my influence; they are the reason that this blog has become as successful as it has.  Their experiences are relatable.  Every house hold can relate to one thing or another that has been addressed here.

But, over the last two weeks (as you probably have guessed), I’ve been on my own.  The kids returned to their mom’s house and Shane left for his annual training.  I have been at home with the dogs and they can’t talk.

I’ve began to get the feeling that maybe a post a day is too much.  Not only is it a lot of work on my end, it’s also hard for everyone who reads this regularly to keep up.  I’m going to try to continue to post as often as I can, but I am not guaranteeing every day.

I feel that while I was doing it every day, God wanted me to reach out to someone special.  The way my posts were received among family and friends was amazing!  I received many messages where people were thanking me for having a post that they needed to hear that day, or thanking me for being so open and vulnerable.

That’s what this is all about.  You can see every part of my being in these posts.  I don’t cover it up, I don’t stretch it, it is what it is.  My husband is a devoted reader (sometimes out of obligation; sorry, love.) but he would never share them as much as he does if there was something fabricated within the words, the emotions, or the situations at hand.

As much as I love tying the word of God into everyday life, I feel like I’m being nudged to take a step down for now.  I feel that I have accomplished what I needed to thus far and when God feels that someone else needs to read these words, He will let me know.

Until then, my posts will be random.  I will not commit to any certain days/times/topics.  I’ve enjoyed posting but with a temporary lack of inspiration and encouragement, my flame has been extinguished, for now.

On The Fly!

If my life isn’t one thing, that would be boring!  I was so wrapped up in all of the previous events as well as the upcoming events and changes that I didn’t think of what “Fun Friday” would be so I’m just going to use it to update everyone on the business that is my (our) life (lives).

First and foremost, we were blessed with a nephew last weekend.  He is just the most adorable little man that I have ever seen.  He has a head full of hair and was pretty active most of the time that we were there!  I can’t wait to watch this little guy as he grows.  (Well, I guess he’s not all that ‘little’) He’s for sure going to be a heart breaker.

Our morning routine is soon to change.  We got word a couple of days ago that Shane has been moved to a different route!  This is exciting (for me for sure) because instead of driving around 1,000  miles per week, he will be down to about 500.  Not only does it cut down on miles, it cuts down on the amount of customers (and all the hassle bologna that comes with them) and the amount of stops he has to make.  However, it is a more stable paycheck.  The only downfall that I’ve found so far is that he will have to start earlier in the day (4:00-4:30AM start time) but he will be done by my lunch hour.  So we are moving “morning coffee” to “midday lunch”.

Tonight, we are hosting our church “group” tonight.  Which tonight is just going to be Pastor, Marnie and ourselves.  We decided to cook supper for them and just talk about life and struggles and just take it easy with them for an evening.  I feel that since we’ve missed the last few weeks (busy, Good Friday, and group was cancelled the week before), we needed this time with our Pastor and his lovely wife!

M has been selected to compete in a spelling bee tomorrow.  Not sure how to feel about this.  As you’ve seen in previous postings, we struggle with her and taking responsibility, maintaining concentration, staying disciplined, and being accountable.  When she first showed us the letter, it was implied that she was a back up contestant (in case of an illness or something of that matter) so we didn’t really have much of a plan to go.  However, she informed us two days ago that she is now a contestant.  (If these two could ever tell us vital information like this in a timely manner it would be a miracle).
The reason I’m struggling with how to feel about this is that they go back to their mom’s this afternoon.  That mean’s that their mom is the one responsible getting them to and from events like this.  Even though we are now going, it’s part of the custody agreement between her and Shane that she takes responsibility for them when they are there (with the exception of church, we bring them there).  However, as of 6:45 this morning, M had not informed her mom that she needed to be at the school (which is 45 minutes away) at about 8 tomorrow morning.  So we (again) talked about responsibility.  She has a phone for a reason and that is one of those reasons.
I feel that things like these, while they are good programs, should be decided on by the parents.  They should have the say if the child goes or not.  Not saying that I/we would hold M back, BUT if she can’t take responsibility for the little things in life, I don’t think she could handle something this big. (And she hasn’t.  We’ve had to force information out of her.)  This also goes for her ‘practicing’.  They were advised to study a list of words and practice with parents.  She FINALLY practiced for the first time the same evening she told us she was an actual contender. (3 days before hand… 3 DAYS!) Any who, just one of those irritating things that Shane and I have been battling with for the last few months and I feel that she didn’t really need another thing added onto her plate.

Shane and I are also taking a date night tomorrow night! It’s been a while since we had an “actual date” where we get out-of-town and just spend some time the two of us.  We are going to travel over to SD and go see a movie and maybe do dinner.  I am making it a personal goal to not even touch my phone for the entire afternoon/evening with the exception of the kids (of course).  My husband deserves quality time with me and he can’t get that if my nose is stuck in my phone talking to people who aren’t him.

Shane is giving his faith testimony in church on Sunday.  I’m really excited to hear it!  He hasn’t told me a whole lot about it but I’ve been around as he’s been praying on it, jotting down key points here and there and getting what I call “happy bounces” when he talks or thinks about it.  He’s been finding scripture that relates to different key times in his life (i.e. the kids, the divorce, us, etc) and it’s been really fun watching him experience this.  Come next week, I may link it on my Thursday post so keep an eye out for it!

I feel like our life is forever on the go.  We don’t take much time to ourselves.  We get “shamed” (in a fun way of course!) because we are newlyweds who act like we’ve been married forever.  We would rather be spending our time being productive, socializing, doing things with/for the church, running with the kids, or just plain running.
We planned to take some time on Sunday just to sit and veg to the TV but I highly doubt that we will be able to sit still.  After all, we have a garden to plant, a garage sale to prepare for, a house to deep clean, a yard to fix and two moose (dogs) to let out to run.

There’s my life in a nutshell.  This is why my posts are so scattered and never consistent with the times they are posted.


Fun Friday!

Hello Everyone!!!

So, I’m coming off week two of my daily blogging adventure and I must say, I’m so overjoyed about everyone who has called, texted, messaged, or talked to me in person saying that they enjoy reading my blog or that it has helped them in one way or another.  I won’t name names, but to those of you who this applies to, THANK YOU!!

Since my follows and comments on here have been slow, I decided to make this a “fun” post.  I’m doing a question and answer!!

I’m asking anyone that reads this to ask me a question.  I’m an open book.  You can ask me questions about myself, my family, my job, my past blogs, my experiences, my faith, my opinion on anything; pretty much ANYTHING that you want to know or that you can think of, just ask!  Either comment on here or follow the link over to the right to my Facebook and message me!  All names will be withheld on here and I will not judge on any questions asked!

I want to have about…15-20 questions by next Friday.

Ask away!!


Fan-Or-Follower Friday!

Friday is finally among us!

The first week of my daily topics was a success!! You guys put me over 1,000 views all time.  While to some, that may be a “small” achievement, it’s a HUGE accomplishment to me!  1,000 views!!

So, in honor of a successful first week, I’m doing multiple Fan-Or-Follow links.

First person you should check out is Katelyn:  Click here.
Of course, my opinion is biased since she is my best friend.  However, reading about her new found journey has been amazing and I’m so proud of her!  Her posts raise some tough questions in regards to faith and life itself.

Second person you should head on over and see is Desiray:  Click here.
I’ve recently discovered her site and it has been amazing!  So many things that I can relate to or that bring a whole new light onto certain subjects in my faith life.  She has inspired me to do more than just try and spread the word of God through posts.  Go visit her page and you will see what I mean.  Her posts are just simply amazing!

Third person is Tina:  Click here.
She posts helpful hints, YUMMY food, and tackles some subjects that we don’t often think about.  For you bride-to-be’s, bridal parties, and anyone planning on attending the wedding – etiquette as far as RSVP’s.  Do you know the do’s and dont’s?  Tina does!

Final person to check out is Koolaidmoms: Click here.
Food, food and more food!  She loves Disney and majority (if not all, I’m not quite sure, haven’t gotten through all of them yet.) of her posts involve the cuisine found in Disney World.  She writes real life like it is – real uncut, raw and sometimes humerus!

**NOTE:  They are not listed in any particular order.  They are all equally good!**

So take a few moments to head on over and check them out!  Next Friday, I hope to not bend the rules and be able to share the bloggers who follow my site or share some of my posts!