Warning: If I Were The Devil.

Paul Harvey released this essay back in 1965.  It’s just a little scary how accurate he was.  Never did I think that our country would be headed down the road that it is.

What are your thoughts?

*Please discuss respectfully.*


Those Three Words.

God’s Not Dead.

I’m so thankful that we are able to live because He died and rose again…for us.

By Your Side.

This past week I was fighting a hard battle.  I was having some vicious spiritual and emotional battles going on.  I was barely functioning for a week.  Everything was a challenge.  I was trying to sift through issues and tackle them one at a time but I could only do so much.  However, I was fighting to turn them over to God; even though I hammer it over and over again in my posts.

I had hit a point later in the week (Thursday or Fridayish) where I was so frustrated and beaten down that all I could do was cry.  I felt like I had failed my husband, the kids, myself and especially God.  I had fallen behind in school work, house work, and other general responsibilities.  Sunday came and I felt like church is exactly what I needed to “reset” my struggles.

I sobbed during church.  I couldn’t even sing a full song without bursting into uncontrollable tears.  It felt like every song we sang was directed towards me or the battles I had fought the past week.  I felt like God was doing some work in me, but why was it so hard to let go?  It got to the point where I had to actually leave church, gather myself, and then come back in.  I physically couldn’t stop the crying no matter how hard I tried.

This is one of the songs that we sang.  It was definitely the hardest to maintain my composure (HA!  More like black streaked face the entire song!)
I love this song and it is so true!

He was by my side through all my struggles, but Satan was battling back and made me feel like I was going at it alone.  There was not one point where I was alone, spiritually or physically.  God wanted me to stop fighting but I felt like all I could do was fight; fight to keep Satan out as best as I could.

He loves us and He is there for us.  We don’t need to fight alone; He’s fighting for us and with us.


With this being Holy Week, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about all the feelings and emotions that Jesus endured for me; us.

He suffered betrayal, anguish, anger, distress, grief, sadness, weariness, and crucifixion.  However, he also felt things such as compassion, gladness, joy, love, peace, and sympathy.

He felt the human emotions that we feel.  However, he still managed to lead a sin free life.

He suffered for US.

He died for US.

He rose for US.

He forgives US.

To even try and wrap my head around that just consumes me.  He has every right to turn His cheek at me, but yet I feel his embrace and love.

I am literally overwhelmed by what He has done and what he continues to do.  I couldn’t say it any better than this song.

Does This Need Fixing Or Listening?

My Pastor showed us this video at one of our couples group meetings.

We all got a good chuckle out of it but then realized that this short clip takes a serious issue and puts humor to it.  The issue is that men (and in some cases, women) have this strange desire to constantly fix things; things around the house, things in your relationship, things in your personal life, things in his personal life, things at work, things with the kids, and on and on and on.

However, the constant need to fix things isn’t the biggest issue within this little segment; or even in our daily lives.  The bigger issue is listening.  I’m not talking just sitting down and mindlessly nodding during a conversation; listening.  I’m getting at the active listening; rephrasing and repeating what we are saying, not offering immediate advice on how to fix things.  Because quite frankly, not everything needs to be fixed.

A couple friend of ours struggles with this as well.  When we were talking about how they handle situations where one feels the need to be listened to, the wife said it’s more of her going to him with things that she feels are issues or situations that need addressing.  It used to be where they would talk and he would almost shut down; no emotion, no feedback, nothing.  Then, it went the opposite way, he wanted to offer an immediate fix to majority of the things they talked about.  She said it took some work, but now he is at the point where when she comes to him and voices concerns, he sits and listens, goes through a phase where he meditates/contemplates on what needs to be done, and then offers feedback and suggestions.  This also came up as a topic at our last couples group through church.  One question that got brought up within the group could really benefit not only these friends of ours, but everyone else; “Do you want me to fix this or should I just listen?”

I know in my relationship with Shane, I get easily frustrated when it comes to how to handle certain situations with M&M, or complain about how one upset customer/employee at work (even though it’s not directly at me) can just make my entire day feel off, or how the dogs won’t quit playing and I just can’t get them to listen.  It’s all dumb little stuff, but sometimes I just need to vent for 10 minutes and get it off my chest.

We just had one of these situations last night.  I was voicing my concern about how we need to continue to mold M&M into these functional human beings, and neither one of us can do that if we keep catering to their bad habits. (By bad habits I mean acting spoiled, constant whining, the constant need for approval or praise, so on and so forth — we are both guilty of doing so.)  Yes, they are children, but they are not YOUNG children anymore.  They need to be treated like the young adults that they are.  They are at the age where their trying to form their own identity and break out into the world around them and they can’t do that if we are constantly holding their hand or trying to pave the way for them.

As I was voicing my thoughts, opinions, and frustrations with some of the things that had gone on, I could tell I was getting more and more frustrated.  My emotions were now feeding into my thoughts and I couldn’t stop it.  I could tell Shane was at the point where he wanted to be done talking about it but neither one of us knew how to shut it off.  Now, it didn’t turn into a fight, but it sparked a need to fix something… for ME to fix something.

We discussed it a little bit more off and on throughout the night and finally we had reached an agreement on how to handle these issues should they come up again; and they will.  But being a woman and being emotionally charged, I could not let it go.  I wasn’t feeling frustrated, I wasn’t upset with Shane, but I had reached a point where now I wanted to go get the kids and begin working on these changes… NOW.

Know that an immediate fix wasn’t possible, I laid in bed trying to think of ways to prepare ourselves for when they come back on Friday.  Honestly, I don’t even know if I came up with any ways or if I did, what they were.  Next thing I know, I wake up, look at the clock and its 2:30 AM.

After a full nights sleep, I woke up this morning not really feeling a change in how I felt.  Actually, I think I almost felt worse.  In fact, felt guilty… selfish almost.  I had let my emotions run my thoughts and even though I was talking with Shane and I was listening to him, I wasn’t hearing all of what he was trying to say.  All of my frustrations could have been avoided if I would have just actively listened to him.

It takes a lot of effort to go from passive listening to active listening, but I’ve set it as a goal for myself, and for the kids as well when they get back.  We (as a family) need to work on actively listening to one another better, engaging in conversation and asking  each other “Do you want me to fix this or do you just want me to listen?”